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Coruscant Guard

Unit type:



Commander Fox
Commander Thire
Commander Thorn
Commander Stone

Notable members:

Sergeant Hound
Weapons specialist 1
Weapons specialist 2
Riot trooper 1
Riot trooper 2




Clone shock troopers
Riot clone troopers


R-88 Suppressor riot rifle
DC-15S blaster carbine
DC-15A blaster rifle
Riot shields
Stun batons
Thermal Detonators
DC-17 Hand Blasters
RPS-6 rocket launcher
Z-6 rotary cannon
Police probes
Republic police gunship
Consular-class cruiser (Charger c70 retrofit)
Nu-class attack shuttle


Diplomatic Escort Group


Clone Wars
Galactic Empire
New Republic Era

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The Coruscant Guard was a unit of specialized clone troopers known as clone shock troopers that operated on Coruscant. Its purpose was to protect Coruscant and ultimately the Republic. They had two purposes: protecting important Galactic Republic personnel like diplomatic escorts or controlling crowds. It was led by Commander Fox.

The Coruscant Guard was stationed all around Galactic City in barracks and in important Republic buildings such as the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center and the Republic Executive Building.

The Coruscant Guard was placed under the command of Homeworld Security Command the Office of the Supreme Chancellor. They worked alongside other government protection agencies such as the Coruscant Security Force, elite Senate Commandos, and the Coruscant Ministry of Ingress.

Units Within[]

One of the duties of Coruscant Guard members was to protect important GAR figures. Because of that, the Diplomatic Escort Group was created.

Diplomatic Escort Group[]

The Diplomatic Escort Group was a branch of clone troopers that were specifically assigned to escort and protect diplomats anywhere in the galaxy. Led by Commander Stone, it was a squad of troopers that piloted Nu-class attack shuttles and escorted senators such as Senator Kharrus.

Notable Members[]


Main article arrow Main article: Fox
Commander Fox, or CC-1010, was the highest leader of the Coruscant Guard. He's worked in several places all over Coruscant including guard duty in the Republic military base, working at the docks, chasing down rogue Jedi, and protecting the Senate Building from bounty hunters. No other trooper, even if they had the same rank, could supersede him.


Main article arrow Main article: Thire
Lieutenant Thire, or CC-4477, was first a lieutenant and later a commander of the Coruscant Guard. Thire was first seen escorting Master Yoda to the planet Rugosa. He was seen variously throughout the Clone Wars, eventually to 19 BBY during the creation of the Empire and Operation: Knighfall, where he led the Coruscant Guard in hunting down Jedi.


Main article arrow Main article: Thorn
Commander Thorn was a commander whose first and last sighting was escorting Senator Padmé Amidala to Scipio where the Banking Clan was held. He was later attacked and killed by Separatist forces.


Main article arrow Main article: Stone
Commander Stone, or CC-5869, was the commanding officer of the Diplomatic Escort Group. He was seen escorting Senator Kharrus to Florrum, where his shuttle was shot down by pirates. He survived, but the senator did not. He later led his men to victory with the assistance of Representative Jar Jar Binks.
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Armor and Equipment[]

Most members of the Coruscant Guard were clone shock troopers, utilizing both Phase I armor, and later in the war, Phase II armor. Some were also equipped with ARF trooper armor. Clones of the Coruscant Guard used a variety of equipment, including Z-6 rotary cannons, electro staffs, and RPS-6 rocket launchers.

Some shock troopers became Riot clone troopers, using stun batons and riot shields to keep restless crowds under control and keep a constant patrol on the city. Others became ARF Troopers, who used mastiffs to hunt down fugitives that escaped prison.


  • CSF
  • Coruscant Ministry of Ingress
  • Senate commandos


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