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Cody's squad
Cody's Squad

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Date founded:

19 BBY


White, Grey


Commander Cody

Notable members:


Galactic Empire

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Cody's squad was a clone stormtrooper squad under the command of Clone marshal commander Cody, leader of the 212th Attack Battalion. The squad operated under the Imperial Army, previously the Grand Army of the Republic.


Cody's squad was created in 19 BBY, following the initiation of Order 66 and the birth of the Galactic Empire. The squad served as a subdivision of the 212th Attack Battalion under the command of Marshal Commander Cody.

In 18 BBY, the squad was assigned a mission to Desix, where Cody and the squad were deployed to assist in the installation of the Imperial Government on the planet and locate new Governor Grotton and the team he arrived with. Desix was a Separatist-occupied world and holdout from the Clone Wars, with a great deal of resistance towards the Empire. Cody gathered a squad and requested clone commando Crosshair join the entourage.[1] Upon arriving on the planet, their shuttle, Imperial Shuttle 995 was shot down by reactivated B1 battle droids, who fired rocket launchers at the ship. When the shuttle crashed in Sector Five, the pilots were killed, as were a plethora of troopers aboard.[1] The battle droids investigated the crash and were dispatched by Cody and Crosshair, covering the squad from the enemy. The squad advanced toward the city, taking cover behind a nearby tower. Crosshair provided covering fire against their heavy artillery vehicle, an AAT, while the rest of the squad slid down into a small farm field.[1]

Crosshair destroyed the AAT by firing a blaster round through the barrel of the tank, which allowed the squad to advance into the city. While advancing, more droids with rocket launchers fired into the squad, killing several troopers. The remaining squad members dispatched the first wave of droids at the gate and regrouped in the courtyard behind the walls. Cody ordered the squad split into Team One and Team Two. Team One consisted of Cody, Crosshair, Nova, and Wyler, with the goal of destroying the tactical droid, who had been causing the squad the most havoc. Team Two, on the other hand, were tasked with storming the stronghold's south access point.[1]

Team One moved through the courtyard into an auxiliary courtyard with a stairway. Crosshair and Cody discovered a Separatist family taking cover in the courtyard and ordered them to remain behind cover. Nova and Wyler had been stationed at the top of the stairs, when droidekas deployed from a nearby entrance, taking them by surprise. Nova managed to leap over the bannister, while Wyler was shot several times in the chest, sending his body flipping over the stairwell.[1] The three managed to eliminate the droidekas and move into the next courtyard, where Nova and Crosshair dealt with more Separatist units. While moving through an entryway to the tower holding the tactical droid, the three were ambushed by commando droids. Crosshair and Cody managed to make it to a stairwell, while Nova covered them. However, Nova was shot and killed, detonating his backpack of V-1 thermal detonators in the process.[1]

Cody and Crosshair continued on their mission, advancing up the stairwell and destroying commando droids along the way. One droid shot Cody and another pinned Crosshair against a wall, which Cody destroyed with a vibroblade. Crosshair gave Cody a reflective puck to throw up the stairwell, which lined up the shot on the tactical droid, destroying it and several commandos in the process.[1] The two survivors of the squad were greeted by the Separatist Governor Tawani Ames, holding the Imperial Governor Grotton at gunpoint. Cody attempted to solve the problem diplomatically, eventually getting Ames to lower her weapon and release Grotton. Grotton then ordered Cody to execute Ames, who Cody promised he would spare. Crosshair followed the order and killed Ames.[1] Cody and Crosshair, along with the surviving Team Two departed from the planet with Grotton's original squad of non-clone troopers. Once arriving back at Coruscant, Cody discussed the operation with Crosshair and the missions that the Galactic Empire claimed to uphold. Cody deserted the Galactic Empire, soon thereafter.[1]

Notable Members[]


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