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Clone trooper sergeant






Sergeant major

Leader of:



DC-15S blasters
DC-15A blaster rifles

Rank above:

Sergeant major

Rank below:



Clone Wars

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"You're so masterful."
"I'm so a
sergeant, Private—"
―Clone commando Fi and Sergeant Barlex argue with each other
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Clone trooper sergeants also known as junior sergeants were clone troopers that had the rank of sergeant in the Grand Army of the Republic. They commanded clone trooper squads, which contained nine clones, and some commanded groups of clone cadets within the Clone Youth Brigade.


Clone trooper sergeants received extra training to lead regular clone troopers into battle. Some sergeants received commando training to become Republic Commandos, or ARC trooper training to become ARC troopers.

Armor and Equipment[]

Clone trooper sergeants started out with Phase I clone trooper armor (or ARC trooper armor or commando Katarn-class armor) with green markings on them. This armor was mainly seen in the First Battle of Geonosis and a few battles afterward, but rarely seen later in the Clone Wars. Typically, their Phase II armor had markings based on their units. Sergeants utilized DC-15S blasters and DC-15A blaster rifles.

Known Sergeants[]

Commando Sergeants[]


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