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Clone Wars

Clone trooper privates were the majority of the Grand Army of the Republic fighting force. The troopers that served as privates, followed their Jedi Generals and Commanders without question.

History Edit

Privates were first deployed at the First Battle of Geonosis and took the most casualties out of all of them.[1] However, several acted valiantly in battle, like CT-1226, who was able to destroy a Hailfire droid by himself.[2]

Over the course of the Clone Wars, a majority of the privates painted their armor the color that their legion or battalion used. Several troopers would go on to higher ranks, while others died horrific deaths. Battalions like the 416th Star Corps,[3] 501st Legion[4] and 182nd Legion[5] would go on to take heavy casualties, although the 501st prevailed through it all.[6]

A majority of the clone trooper privates would go on to fight primarily on straightforward battles on giant battlefields, though a few, such as special units[7][8] or commando units,[9] would go on and fight on covert ops and black ops.

After the Clone Wars, many troopers served in the Galactic Empire. Eventually, however, the Emperor would give the order that the clones were no longer fit for service and began recruiting non-clone soldiers.[10]

Known Privates Edit

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