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Clone cadets were clones who had not yet completed their training on the planet Kamino. They were divided into cohorts of thirty-six, which would later evolve into individual platoons. However, during training they were grouped into squads of five.


Two years after the Clone Wars began, At the age of 6 years the cadets would go on tours of Venator-Class Cruisers where they were given the chance to see their graduated brothers in action, and shoot targets flying in Separatist formation.


When the cadet matured they would be divided into squads such as Domino Squad, and Bravo Squad, where they complete training by fighting special droids designed to look and act like battle droids but were armed with non-lethal weapons. They would eventually move on to a challenge known as the citadel challenge, in which a squad of clone cadets would attempt to locate and capture a pole from its stand while being attacked by the training battle droids, if the squad succeeded they would move on to the graduation and if not they were threatened to work for maintenance.


On the planet Kamino in the year 22 BBY the clone troopers that passed were shipped out to fight the Separatists, at different areas around the galaxy.

Armor and Equipment[]

The cadets would be armed with weapons similar to the ones which they would use when they were deployed, and had similar armor, with a clear visor and a comlink which relayed orders to the cadets, which were often repeated by a trooper nicknamed Echo to the annoyance of his squad members. Each squad would number it's clone troopers with have a numbers 1-5 which was displayed on the chest and left arm's shoulder bell, which would be marked with the squad's signature color. On the left leg there would be the clone's serial number.


  • 1151
  • Boba Fett (in disguise)
  • CT-66-3232
  • CT-66-3238
  • Cutup (formerly; upon graduation)
  • Droidbait (formerly; upon graduation)
  • Echo (formerly; upon graduating)
  • Fives (formerly; upon graduation)
  • Hevy (formerly; upon graduation)
  • Hotshot
  • Jax
  • Nub (formerly; upon graduation)
  • Rookie (formerly; upon graduation)
  • Whiplash
  • Unidentified Bravo Squad cadet 1
  • Unidentified Bravo Squad cadet 2
  • 4 Unidentified Orange Squad cadets
  • 4 Unidentified Yellow Squad cadets