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Clone Shock Trooper
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Clone shock troopers were clone troopers who served as part of the Coruscant Guard. Most troopers spent time patrolling the capital planet and catching fugitives. They were assigned to protect Coruscant, and commanders like Fox and Thire served directly under the Chancellor. They were a common sight on city streets, and as the war drew closer to an end, they gained more power. Any citizen had to show an identity card when demanded, and shock troopers were allowed to question anyone, even senators.

Troopers were assigned various tasks, and many served as a policing force to catch criminals. They also protected prisons, and also were deployed alongside police droids. Despite being guards for the planet, some troopers served as escorts for senators on diplomatic missions. Others were sent straight to battlefields, and even performed raids on Separatist factories. They had to be heavily trained to fit all of these duties.

Armor and Equipment[]

Shock troopers wore armor with red markings. They were armed with just about everything in the GAR arsenal, including Z-6 rotary blaster cannons, DC-15S blaster carbines, DC-15A blaster rifles, and DC-17 hand blasters. Some troopers were heavy weapons specialists, despite being stationed on Coruscant the majority of the time. They had RPS-6 rocket launchers, as well as thermal detonators and stun grenades.

When Phase I armor was being used, shock troopers had maroon markings on them, though the some troopers of the Diplomatic Escort Group had slightly different designs on them. Phase II armor was later issued, and the color was a slightly brighter shade of red.

Shock troopers who guarded prisons had slightly different equipment than the standard troopers. The used the same blasters, though they were mainly on stun. However, they could still be set to kill if a large scale riot broke out. They also carried electrostaffs to stun prisoners when capture was necessary.

The troopers trained for policing duties, like the prison guards, were equipped with kill-capable blasters which were mainly set on stun. Some troopers also carried batons and riot shields, and were known as riot clone troopers.

Others rode on police gunships and hunted for suspects. Their blasters had built-in floodlights to cut through fog and the dark, which was especially useful when they searched in the under levels.


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