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Clone rights were a political issue during the early Imperial period. Promoted by Senator Riyo Chuchi, it concerned itself with the provision of pensions and veterans' benefits for the recently decommissioned clone armies.


Throughout the Clone Wars, it was noted by several individuals in the Grand Army of the Republic that the clone troopers that served in the war were not granted the same rights or privileges as all citizens of the Galactic Republic were granted.[1] Members of the Special Operations Brigade were more vocal than other divisions on the topic, specifically former Jedi General Bardan Jusik and Cuy'val Dar member Sergeant Kal Skirata.[2] This detail was highlighted by the treatment of Fi Skirata. Following an operation on Gaftikar, Fi was severely wounded with brain trauma, being declared brain dead but still breathing unaided.[2] However, the medical droids were unwilling to treat him, specifically euthanize him because of the Republic's policy of long-term soldiers.[2]

The remaining members of Omega Squad were not willing to let their brother be untreated, guarding him until his transfer from Leveler to Republic Central Medcenter's neurology unit.[2] Besany Wennen, a friend of Fi's and the girlfriend of Ordo Skirata, came to visit, only to receive word that he was government property to be terminated, which resulted in an armed siege, with Coruscant Security Force coming to her aide.[2] Captain Jaller Obrim of the CSF took Fi into his home, to honor Fi's willingness to protect his men at a siege at the Galactic City Spaceport.[2][3] His treatment enraged all the members of Clan Skirata, as well as Parja Bralor, who would become Fi's wife.[4]

Following the end of the war in 19 BBY, the discussion around the clones rights became a Senatorial debate, due to their advanced aging process being a hinderance to the long-term health of the army, with Senators Riyo Chuchi and Bail Organa aiding on the side of the clones.[5] Many erred on the side of the clones due to their sacrifices and valor.[4][5] However, in 18 BBY, due to a cover-up orchestrated by Admiral Rampart, the Emperor determined that the clone troopers were to blame for the destruction of the Kaminoan cities.[6] Many troopers were left to their own devices, deserted by the Galactic Empire, which they had once served loyally. Many clone troopers would go on to serve the Rebellion, including members of Rex's resistance network.[7][8]


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