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Clone Wars

This is a Class 4 article.

Clone regimental commanders were clone commanders that were placed under the command of specific regiments.

A majority of commanders were placed in charge of regiments, but only a few designated clones were given the rank of a regimental commander. Commander CRC-09/571 was one regimental commander in command of the 416th Star Corps, that participated in the Battles of Teyr[1]. and Haruun Kal, where he perished.[2]

Another was Commander Vill,[3][4] who was apart of the 501st Legion, where he served directly under Darth Vader and fought during the Battle of New Plympto.[3][4] Three months afterwards, Vill was apart of the Conquest of Bandomeer. Vill provided a casualty report to Vader, who asked him a question, that he could not answer without disobeying orders for Emperor Palpatine. He attempted to answer as vague as possible, but Vader threw over the cliff to ensure Palpatine never heard of the inquiry.[5]

Known Regimental Commanders[]


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  • Dark Times 3: The Path to Nowhere, Part 3 (Mentioned only)
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