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Clone trooper medics were clone troopers with special training to better assist their brothers who were injured in battle. While clone medical officers were trained to assist in full recovery, medics were trained to give immediate first aid to troopers severely injured in the line of duty.


In 32 BBY, commissioned with the Grand Army of the Republic, clone trooper medics were created to assist troopers who were injured during battle. In 22 BBY, the Grand Army were deployed to the First Battle of Geonosis, where clone medics played a role. Fi of Teroch Squad served as a sniper and medic during the battle, although losing his squad in the process, which saw him be reassigned to Omega Squad.[1] After the battle, medics were deployed throughout the Clone Wars. Kix served in the 501st Legion, notably being deployed to recover General Grievous' crashed warship with intent to capture the Separatist General. However, during the deployment, Captain Rex was severely injured during the search; sniped through the chest by a BX-series commando droid. Accompanied by Kix, Jesse, and Hardcase, the troopers found local shelter, where Kix was able to provide medical aid to his Captain. Although Rex was hesitant to let Jesse lead the unit, Kix stated that he superseded Rex when it came to the well being of the men.[2]

In 21 BBY, Fi was deployed with Omega Squad as well as Delta Squad, ARC Captain Ordo, Jedi Generals Bardan Jusik and Etain Tur-Mukan, and Cuy'val Dar Sergeants Kal Skirata and Walon Vau to deal with a Separatist terrorist cell on Coruscant. During the operation, Fi and Sev scouted a safehouse the terrorists were using. While doing the recon, Sev fell and dislocated his shoulder. Cursing himself and Fi for injuring himself during an operation, Sev worried that he would be forced to sit out of the operation. However, with Fi's medical training, the commando managed to put Sev's shoulder back in place, allowing him to move forward with the operation.[3] Later that year, Kix was deployed with the 501st Legion to the Battle of Umbara, initially serving under Jedi General Anakin Skywalker.[4]

However, in the early part of the assault, Skywalker was redeployed, with Jedi General Pong Krell commanding the legion. Under Krell's leadership, however, the legion took heavy casualties, with Kix working as fast as he could to ease his injured brothers' pain.[4][5][6] During an assault to commandeer an Umbaran supply station, the unit were attacked by Umbaran forces with weaponry superior to the GAR standard equipment. Several troopers were severely wounded, with Kix rushing to retrieve as many injured brothers as possible. However, Rex ordered him to leave the wounded, simply because they were outmaneuvered and outgunned by Umbaran forces. Kix, however, argued the order, stating that he sounded like Krell, who had been very disrespectful of the clone troopers.[5] Kix was determined to aid as many brothers as possible.[5]

Once the supply station was captured and a Separatist control ship was destroyed, the troopers were once again sent into battle against Umbaran insurgents who had stolen clone trooper armor. However, during the encounter, it was discovered that the 501st and the 212th Attack Battalion had attacked each other under the false pretense of Umbarans wearing clone trooper armor, orchestrated by Krell.[6] Kix provided aid to several troopers, including a fatally injured Waxer.[6] With the loss of several brothers at their hands, Kix stood alongside the 501st Legion and 212th detachment in their stand against Krell.[6] During the assault, Krell was eventually apprehended and executed.[6] Kix, Rex, Jesse, and ARC trooper Fives were watching the extraction from the planet, while wondering what the point of the war was, worried about their future once the war ended.[6]

Kix was deployed once again with the 501st and Doom's unit to medically assist on the battlefield at Ringo Vinda. During the battle, Tup had a seeming mental break, which resulted in the murder of Jedi General Tiplar.[7] Kix was stationed at the medical bay after a forced retreat back to Republic controlled territory. Later, it was stated that the outbreak was a parasite found on the station that infected Tup, although Fives would tell Kix that it was a malfunction of inhibitor chips they were all given at birth.[8]

Notable Members[]

Armor and Equipment[]

Standard clone trooper medics were equipped with standard equipment as well as red sigils painted on their gear.[4] Kix was equipped with both Phase I and Phase II clone trooper armor during his time in the Clone Wars, armed with a DC-15S blaster carbine during his deployments.[2][4] Fi, however, was outfitted with Katarn-class commando armor with a matte-black finish and a DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System and a DC-15s side arm blaster.[1][9]


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