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Clone marshal commanders were the highest rank a clone trooper could gain within the Grand Army of the Republic. They were usually in charge of Corps-level formations. The marshal commander was an equivalent to Major Generals or Lieutenant Generals outside of the Grand Army.

During the Clone Wars, these commanders worked closely with their assigned Jedi Generals to coordinate and organize their forces, acting as their second-in-command. If the Jedi General was killed in battle, the Marshal Commander were in charge of the regiment until a Jedi General would be reassigned to take charge.

The commanders either had a lack of empathy or compassion for their men and superior officers, or had a great amount of it. Bacara, for instance, was in charge of the Galactic Marines. During the battle of New Barnalex, the troopers' weapons failed. Bacara forced his men to continue fighting with no weapons, and solely hand-to-hand combat. The Marines won the battle, but at the cost of many troopers.[1] Bacara, however, was proud of simply earning another victory for the Republic.[1] Neyo, Commander for the 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps, did not care about anything except the mission. He developed a friendship with Bacara due to their close personalities.[2]

Bly and Cody, however, were empathetic and caring of their men and Generals. Bly cared more for his General, Aayla Secura, and developed a close relationship with her.[3] Cody shared a friendship with his General, Obi-Wan Kenobi. These two commanders, however, due to the inhibitor chip were forced to comply with the order when Order 66 was executed.[4]

Known Marshal Commanders[]


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