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A clone commando

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Clone commandos, also referred to as Republic Commandos and later Imperial Commandos, were an elite class of clone trooper. Unlike regular units, they were commanded under the Special Operations Brigade, and carried out special missions, including infiltration, sabotage, espionage, assassination, recon and counter-terrorism. They often worked in squads that consisted of four troopers, each of which had a different specialty. Each squad had a sergeant who served as the leader, though commandos could also be given other ranks, such as captain.


Soon after the Kaminoans began secretly working on the Republic's clone army ordered by the Jedi Master Sifo-Dyas, the Kaminoans felt that the regular clone infantry would not be very well suited in some more intense situations. As a result, they began work on a branch of clone commandos which were designed to be better suited in certain situations that required more experience than the average clone trooper had.

Notable Squads[]

DS Boss

Commando Boss

Notable Individuals[]

Commando Variants[]

Felucian Commandos[]

Felucian Commando

Felucian Commandos were clone commandos specialized in operating on jungle planets like Felucia. During the Third Battle of Felucia, they were deployed to the planet, to assist the Republic troops in defending the Felucia.[1] The Felucian commandos wore a black variation of Katarn-class commando armor with yellow markings. Their primary weapon was DC-15A blaster rifles that matched their colored armor.[1]

High Orbit Precision Entry Commandos[]

HOPE Squad

High Orbit Precision Entry commandos were specialized clone commandos that were used during the Clone Wars.[2] The commandos were deployed from orbit in one man escape pods, which would split open when an appropriate altitude was reached allowing the troopers inside to make a controlled descent to their target. The only known unit was sent to Yorn Skot to rescue Jedi Master Treetower.[2] The commandos wore standard Katarn-class armor and possessed DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon Systems.[2]

MEC Troopers[]

MEC Troopers were heavily armed class of clone troopers. The caste of clones included clone commandos, Galactic Marines and clone paratroopers. The variants under the MEC class were some of the most well-trained fighting units in the Grand Army of the Republic.[3][4]


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