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Clone blaze troopers, also known as super troopers were a specially trained variant of clone troopers that were commissioned for the Grand Army of the Republic. The blaze troopers were specifically trained and tasked for close combat infantry support. They were also trained as type of advanced jet trooper.


Throughout the Clone Wars, clone blaze troopers were deployed across the galaxy in very specialized operations. The blaze troopers were deployed to the Battles of Rhen Var, Mygeeto, Utapau, and Coruscant. The troopers were primarily tasked with utilizing the built-in flamethrowers to dissipate crowds of enemies. In 19 BBY, the blaze troopers were deployed to the Jedi Temple during Operation: Knightfall and following Order 66, utilizing their jetpacks and armor to slam into Jedi and use their flamethrowers on their former leaders.[1] Upon former Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda's return to the Jedi Temple in order to reconfigure the distress beacon, the two encountered blaze troopers, coming out victorious in the end.[1]

Armor and Equipment[]


Blaze troopers were equipped almost uniformly with heavy jetpacks and dual wrist-mounted flamethrowers built into the arms of the mechanized suit. Their armor was extremely thick, a necessity due to their unique weaponry. The suit was heavily armored and allowed the troopers to stand far taller than the average clone trooper. The variant appeared with Phase II clone trooper armor designs. The armor would later be adapted and utilized for Imperial Zero-G assault stormtroopers.


  • Republic Commando: True Colors (First mentioned)
  • Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith video game (First appearance)
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures video game (First identified as "super trooper")
Cadet - Maintenance
General Positions
Advisor - Comms Tech - Comms Officer
Engineer - Gunner - Radio Comms trooper
ARF Trooper - Grenadier - Flame trooper
Heavy assault trooper - Heavy weapons specialist - Lancer trooper
Ordnance specialist - Scout trooper - Shock trooper
Sniper - Riot trooper - Stormtrooper
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Flight crew - Marine - Navigation officer
First aid specialist - Medical officer - Medic
Special Operations
Advanced Recon Commando - ARC heavy gunner - ARC Pilot
Assassin - Blaze trooper - Cold assault trooper
Commando - Covert operations trooper - Cross-trained trooper
Jetpack trooper - Paratrooper - MEC trooper
Purge trooper - SCUBA trooper - Shadow trooper
Stealth Operations trooper


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