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"I've been assigned as your advisor, and will be your eye in the sky until further notice...or we all get killed."
Advisor was a position held by few clone troopers within the Grand Army of the Republic. Advisors were not deployed on missions, but rather stayed nearby in a stationary position. They would communicate via hologram.

Description Edit

An advisor was assigned to a squad to help them through their tasks, leading them through their assignments and missions. He remain in contact with them via hologram and over the comlink.

History Edit

CC-01/425 was the only known advisor. In 22 BBY, he served at the First Battle of Geonosis, where he advised Delta Squad. He advised them on their tasks, including assassinating Geonosian Lieutenant Sun Fac and destroy a Lucrehulk-class Core Ship.[1][2] He would then serve again with the unit on a Mission to the Chaykin Cluster, where they boarded the Prosecutor. However, he lost comms with the squad. Eventually, the comms were returned to normal, which helped the squad.[1]

In 19 BBY, he served with them again, assisting during a Mission to Kashyyyk, as the prelude to the Battle of Kashyyyk.[1][3]

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Other Edit

"Given the great numbers of Mandalorians in their ranks, the Cuy'val Dur played a significant role in the identity of the commandos. While they encouraged a degree of individuality -- commandos were less likely to sound and act alike than were other clones -- it simultaneously created a sense of separation from their genetically identical brethren, even going so far as to speak Mando'a more extensively than the regular troops. (Some regular clones perceived this as cliquishness and elitism, referring to the commandos derisively as "the deluxe models.") Ultimately, this shared identity was reinforced by the extreme brutality (and occasional lethality) of the sergeants' training regimens, their camaraderie growing deeper and more expressive of the details that set them apart from the rest. Because of the extreme secrecy that surrounded the clones both before and during the Clone Wars, it is not clear if any sergeants were deployed in an official combat support role during battle. If they were, they probably would have used their extreme familiarity with the commandos to act as clone advisors (such as CC-01/425, who advised Delta Squad on some missions). In this role, they would have assisted with coordinating attacks, monitoring telemetry data from the squad (such as life support, power supply, shield strength, and so on), and keeping the squad advised of new intelligence and sensor data as it became available."
―Gary M. Sarli and Sterling Hershey[src]
The exact nature of the role has never been fulling explored. It was a rare role to be given, as only the one has been seen. It is not clear if all clone commando squads used a clone advisor, but the known example that did use one did not do so for all of their missions. The commandos' training sergeants most likely served in a similar fashion to the clone advisors.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The clone advisor appears in the game Star Wars: Republic Commando, as a guide for the player, which is why the role of advisor has not been thoroughly explored.

Appearances Edit

  • Star Wars: Republic Commando

Timeline Edit

22 BBY
21 BBY
19 BBY
First Battle of Geonosis
Mission to the Chaykin Cluster
Mission to Kashyyyk
Battle of Kashyyyk
Cadet - Maintenance
General Positions
Advisor - Engineer - Gunner
Task Force Commander - ARF Trooper - Ordnance specialist
Scout trooper - Grenadier - Flame trooper
Heavy weapons specialist - Shock trooper - Riot trooper
Lancer Trooper - Heavy assault trooper - Stormtrooper


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Paratrooper - Cold assault trooper - MEC trooper - Purge trooper

Reference Edit

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