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c. 32 BBY[2]


19 BBY


Human (clone)[1]




1.83 meters[1]

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"You're fighting the wrong battle, brother. You're limited."
"So what does that make you?"
"A believer
―Clone X and Rex

Clone X, also known as Sniper X, was a clone assassin, commando, mercenary, and bounty hunter who served in the Galactic Empire. The assassin was deployed by Vice Admiral Rampart to execute rogue clones who would reveal that the destruction of Tipoca City was not a severe storm that had demolished the landscape.


Clone X was born in 32 BBY on the water planet of Kamino, cloned from the genetic template of Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett. The trooper likely served within the Grand Army of the Republic as a member of their Special Operations Brigade. Following the execution of Order 66, the trooper began to serve the Galactic Empire at the time of its conception.

In 19 BBY, Clone X was operating as a Clone assassin, clone commando, bounty hunter, and mercenary under the command of the Galactic Empire. The trooper was hired by Vice Admiral Rampart to remove loose ends regarding the destruction of Tipoca City and the remaining infrastructure of Kamino. After receiving a transmission from clone trooper Cade, a trooper who had served upon Rampart's Star Destroyer during the operation, Rampart dispatched Clone X to assassinate Cade.[3] However, while Clone X managed to execute Cade, he discovered that Slip, a close ally of Cade's, was privy to speaking out with the information Cade had planned to leak.[3]

Clone X reported back to Rampart, who ordered the assassin to follow Slip and silence him, as well as anyone else who came close to the information. At this time, Senator Riyo Chuchi had begun her Clone rights campaign, visiting 79's in the process and interacting with Slip in the process, who revealed this deception.[3] However, when Chuchi attempted to locate him once again, he was much more difficult to find. Clone X, however, followed Chuchi, knowing once she found Slip, he would as well. When she located him, Clone X assassinated Slip, as well as Chuchi's two guards.[3]

Clone X pursued Chuchi through the industrial complex of Coruscant, until they reached a warehouse. Chuchi hid from the assassin and came close to not surviving the attack, until the assassin was stunned from an unseen figure, who revealed himself as Captain Rex, an ally of Chuchi's from the early days of the war.[3] Rex and Chuchi took the assassin to the Martez sisters' garage on Level 1313, where Rex interrogated the mercenary, noting that he had no signifying markings or identification. While in conversation, Clone X revealed he was aware of Rex's identity and rebuked him for fighting against the Galactic Empire. Rex, however, inquired what that made Clone X, who revealed his zealotry. Before Rex could further interrogate him, Clone X committed suicide by an electric shocker, which killed him instantly.[3] His corpse was later examined by Clone Force 99, alongside Rex and Chuchi.[3]

Personality and Traits[]

Clone X was 1.83 meters tall and possessed black hair and brown eyes, as was the norm for unmutated clone troopers.[1] The assassin was cold in personality, in that he was able to execute fellow clones with ease and without remorse, as witnessed with his executions of Cade and Slip. Clone X was a firm believer in the Galactic Empire, which enhanced his abilities and desire to execute traitors and treasonous sympathizers.[3]

Clone X wore specialized armor, painted black. His helmet was pressurized and possessed a mechanized visor that would retract and protract as needed.[3] Clone X was outfitted with a DC-17m blaster rifle in sniper rifle mode with a scope and stock, for long range targets.[3] In addition, the assassin possessed a suicide shocker, which was hidden in his mouth in case of capture or revealing Imperial secrets.[3]


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