The following are the regulations of Clone Trooper Wiki. Each regulation should be followed by all users. This is Regulation 2 - Media, and dictates the rules about images:

Regulation 2 - Media

Section 2A, Deletion

Images, photos, and videos should be deleted if:

  • They contain inappropriate verbal or body language or suggest something not appropriate for this wiki.
  • An uploaded photo or video has not been used for the period of two weeks or longer and is not used on any pages, userpages, signatures, or other.
  • A photo is less than or equal to 200 x 100 pixels. If there is no photo larger available, then the photo may be kept. A larger photo may replace it.
  • The photo is fanmade and is not real. Art from websites such as deviantART is prohibited.

Section 2B, Sourcing

The rules for sourcing and citing photos are as follows:

  • Sources are not required for photos or videos, but are greatly encouraged.
  • To add a source, simply edit the page and add a description and a source to where the photo came from.
    • If it came from a website, provide a link to that website.
    • All books, movies, TV series/episodes, and other media should be italicized.
  • Taking low-quality pictures from Google or any other search engine is greatly discouraged because a source may not be traceable. It may also be fan-made.

Section 2C, Usage

The rules for using images are as follows:

  • Pictures may not be repeated on a page.
  • Only a picture of that article may be placed in the infobox.
  • Pictures may not be displayed in a gallery, with exceptions mentioned in the Gallery section, but instead uploaded and categorized with the page's photo category.
  • Only relevant pictures may be put in articles.
  • The name of the photo, words inside the photo, or captions under the photo may not include any disrespectful or inappropriate language.
  • Photos should be named to help identify the photo such as File:Boss.jpg or File:DeltaSquadKashyyyk.png. Some unacceptable photo names include File:Screenshot.jpg, File:Image.jpg, File:120px-53637467-ghd6/83:7.png, or anything else that does not help identify the photo.

Section 2D, Profile and Signature Media

The regulations for using photos, images, or other media are as follows:

  • A picture may be inserted in a signature, but no more than two photos. The photos must be under 20 pixels long each.
  • Media may be placed on a userpage to express personality, but it may not include disrespectful, vulgar, or inappropriate language or action. The media does not have to do with this wiki.

Section 2E, Galleries

The usage of galleries is as follows:

  • The only uses for galleries are:
    • Concept art galleries
    • Clone Wars Adventures crafting snapshots
    • Clone Wars Adventures furniture displays
    • Clone Wars Adventures gear displays
  • Pictures such as LEGO pictures and other non-canon photos cannot be placed in galleries.
  • Galleries will not be used to display random photos of that article.
  • Galleries will be deleted if they violate the rules above.

Section 2F, LEGO Photos

The usage of LEGO photos is as follows:

  • LEGO photos should only be displayed in articles if they represent a character or clone variant.
  • LEGO photos should not be used as canon images to represent battles or clone armor.
  • All LEGO photos should be displayed in the "Appearances" section of an article.
  • LEGO photos may be put in user pages.
  • If a LEGO photo is placed in the wrong spot, is irrelevant to the article, or does not comply with the regulations, it will either be moved or deleted.

Section 2G, Infobox Photos

The usage of Infobox photos is as follows:

  • A general image depicting the topic should be used.
  • If possible, a picture with a transparent background should be used.
  • A <tabber> tag may be used to depict multiple images for a single article.
    • This should only be used to show a notable difference in appearance (Armor types, variations, unit insignias, etc).
    • Excessive images will be removed.

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