The following are the regulations of Clone Trooper Wiki. Each regulation should be followed by all users. This is Regulation 1 - Edits, explaining the proper way to contribute to articles:

Regulation 1 - Edits

Section 1A, Capitalization

The following must be capitalized:

  • Proper nouns (names, battles, wars, planets, eras, and other)
  • Beginning of sentences (even in numbered or bulleted lists)
  • Titles
  • Acronyms
  • Clone trooper should not be capitalized, unless at the beginning of a sentence. The same applies to any aspect or variant of the word.

Section 1B, Spelling

Proper spelling must be used at all times and in all articles, photos, and other.

Section 1C, Lists

  • Bulleted lists are one type of list. They are represented by indented black squares.
    • Bulleted lists should be used for making lists
    • Bulleted lists should have capitalized letters at the beginning
    • Bulleted lists should be represented by an asterisk (*) at the beginning of a new line. More asterisks should be used to increase the indentation.
    • They should be used in infoboxes to create lists, and deeper ones will denote when something is grouped under something else. A line break (type <br>) can also be used to display lists.
  • Numbered lists are another type of list. They are represented by chronological numbers.
    • Numbered lists are usually used to show numbers of something
    • Numbered lists are represented by a hashtag (#) at the beginning of a new line. More hashtags are used to increase the indentation.

Section 1D, Headings

Headings are used to show different sections of an article.

Some examples are:

==Heading 2==
===Heading 3===
====Heading 4====

Section 1E, Punctuation

The following rules for punctuation are as follows:

Sub-Section 1E.1, In-wiki use

  • Bolded text - three apostrophes (''') will make text bolded. An alternate way is using HTML, which is <b> and </b>, with bolded text in between.
  • Italicized text - two apostrophes ('') will make text italicized. An alternate way is using HTML, which is <i> and </i>, with italicized text in between.
  • Ellipsis - when adding ellipsis, the proper way to show it is Hellip, which shows up as this: …

Sub-Section 1E.2, Out-wiki use

  • Apostrophes (') must be used for:
  1. Possessive (showing ownership)
  2. Contractions (such as can't or don't instead of cannot and do not)
  3. Used for bold and italicized text (see Section 1C.1)
  • Periods (.) must be used for:
  1. Abbreviations (ranks, months, titles, etc)
  2. Ending sentences
  3. Ellipses should be used differently (see Section 1C.1)
  • Commas (,) must be used for:
  1. Compound sentences
  2. Ending dialogue in a sentence
  • Exclamations points (!) must be used for:
  1. ​Ending an exclamatory sentence
  • Colons (:) must be used for:
  1. Making a written list
  2. Making a numbered/bulleted list
  • Semi-colons (;) must be used for:
  1. Making compound sentences
  2. Ending some sentences
  • Question marks (?) must be used for:
  1. Ending an interrogatory sentence

Section 1F, Assumptions

These rules apply when evidence is not directly stated, but you can come to an assumption that something is true:

  • The assumption should be reasonable. For example, if you see a clone who always appears with a unit, shares their armor and tributes, but it is not directly stated that he is part of it, you may put it down.
  • If you are unsure, you can leave a message on the talk page, addressing that issue. Any other editors who have thoughts on your subject should place their comments underneath.
  • If you believe something is true, you must cite your work with a source (or sources) and/or an explanation as to how you came to that conclusion.
  • The template {{Assumption}} should be added to the page (see Regulation 3, Section 3A, Sub-Section 3A.1, Assumption)
  • A bullet in the "Other" section of an article should be created, addressing that there is speculation on the page.
  • You may also contact a CO or another user if you have questions that you think they can answer.

Section 1G, Deletion and Removal of Information

The rules for deleting or removing information from pages are as follows:

  • Pages may only be deleted by someone with certain powers. Because of this, any user who believes a page should be deleted should add in the {{Delete}} template (see Regulation 3, Section 3A, Sub-Section 3A.2, Delete).
  • Any user may remove information from a page if permission allows. If another user has a problem with their actions, they may approach a CO, contact the editor who removed information, or leave a message on the talk page.
  • Some reasons for deletion of a page are:
    • Blank page
    • Page consists only or mostly of gibberish
    • Does not relate to the wiki
    • Copied completely from another trusted website
    • Duplicate article
    • The page is fanon and therefore not real
    • Too specific of an article
      • An example would be Hevy's Training Helmet
    • Any other reason that the editor believes to be valid
  • Some reasons for removing information from a page are:
    • Contains gibberish
    • Does not relate to the wiki
    • Information is fanon
    • Copied from any trusted website
    • False information
    • Vandalism
    • Harassment

Section 1H, Other

Some other rules include:

  • Edit summaries are not required. However, they are highly recommended for easier navigation and identification of edits.
    • Putting false summaries are not allowed, especially if it is an attempt to hide vandalism.
  • Only the user can edit their userpage. Other editors need permission to edit it, unless it helps the wiki and no appearance is changed. Otherwise, a message should be left on the message wall.
  • Sections 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, and 1E do not have to be applied to message walls, userpages, blogs, or chat.
  • No cursing or other inappropriate language is allowed on this wiki. Please remember to treat other users with respect.
  • All pages and dates should be written in American English.
  • All articles should be in past tense, as the Star Wars saga takes place a long time ago.
  • Spam editing and vandalism are not tolerated.

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