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"Kot, mirshok, bat ijaat!"
―Kotep's Squad's motto
Welcome to Kotep Squad, a Special Operations unit consisting of Republic Commandos. The commandos of this unit work alongside the troopers of this wiki's 617th Attack Battalion. The only way you can get into this squad is if your CO decides you are a helpful editor and promotes you to a Republic commando. The best editors here will likely be part of this unit, and the best one will be promoted to the leader of this squad. 

This unit is comprised of the special users and editors of Clone Trooper Wiki. If you edit frequently and help with this wiki's success, you could get promoted by your commanding officer into a commando. You will often be tasked with completing this wiki's projects and special assignments. You can choose your specialty, basically what you are good at on wikis. Some specialties include: coding, writing, creating infoboxes, leading, adding and finding photos, referencing, and blogging about wiki news. Please note that you can have more than one specialty. If you don't know what yours is, ask yourself this question: Why am I a member of Kotep Squad?

How to become a commando and maintain your status

Your Commanding Officers will look for possible candidates (must match the Commando Terms) and watch you closely. Once they have found a suitable candidate, they will discuss it with each other. If they agree, they will have a discussion with the candidate and talk with him/her either over the Comlink or on their Message Wall, which ever the candidate chooses. Once the discussion is finished, your COs will have another discussion and will tell you whether or not you passed. You must also look over the commando terms. If you pass, a message on the Forum will be created, informing editors of your promotion.

In order to maintain your elite status, you must help complete all the projects assigned in the time period. You also must edit over 80 times a week. All regulations must be followed. You must also be active, unless you have contacted an administrator. If you are not active for one month and have not contacted an administrator about your break, you will be removed from Kotep Squad. Failure to follow these rules may result in your demotion.

Other Info

All ramikads must follow the regulations in the reg manual. Failure to follow these regs may get you demoted into a regular trooper. In the Recent Wiki Activity page, you can view the community messages sent to all the troopers. To communicate with your fellow members, you can create a blog or go to chat.

All commandos get special rights. See the terms for more info.

In order to add that you are a commando to your user page, simply add {{Commando}}.

Members of Kotep Squad:

The role of leader means that they leading commando is in charge of the project and is the commanding officer of the other commandos. If the leader holds the position for more than a month, and other users are ready for it, than the position will be rotated. The eligible user will become the leader for his/her month, and then the rank will be rotated again. This only applies if the other commandos are ready and the current leader has been in position for more than a month, but is still fit for it.

The leader of Kotep Squad:

The commandos:

  • TBD - Specialty:
  • TBD - Specialty:
  • TBD - Specialty:
Possible Future Commandos:

  • None

  • The founding date of this page was July 13, 2013.
  • The idea of a commando squad was created by Legoclones, while the idea of naming it "Kotep" was by Blyndblitz.
  • "Kotep" is Mando'a for "brave".
  • Kotep Squad's motto means "Strength, courage, and honor!"

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