Commanding Officer Portal

This is the guide to all commanding officers of the 617th Attack Battalion. They are the admins of this wiki, and are your leading role models. They have gotten up to the rank of Clone Battalion Commander, or have been the leader of Kotep Squad.

Commanding Officers, commonly referred to as COs, are the leaders of this wiki. They manage the wiki and monitor the 617th. They often check over the recent changes and are good people to ask any questions. They are kind, and many will often create blogs or a message on the forum to update all users about any news on the wiki.


For the benefit of this wiki, COs have many powers. They include the following:

  • Deletion—COs have to power to delete photos or pages that are marked with {{Delete}} or have inappropriate content.
  • Protection—COs can protect pages to prevent edit wars or constant vandalism.
  • Blocking—Commanding Officers can block users who have vandalised the wiki or have made edit which are not in good faith.
  • Comlink Reviewing—COs can look over the comlink and kick or ban troopers who are constantly vandalizing.
  • Reverting—COs and Lieutenants can revert all the contributions of one user if they are vandalising a page.
  • Templates—COs are the only ones with permission to remove, change, and add 617th Templates. Others must get permission from a CO.
  • Awards and Promotion—COs are they only users who can give out awards, unless they are personal awards given out by only one user. They are also the only troopers who can give out promotions for the 617th Attack Battalion.
  • Article Promotion—COs can instantly promote an article to a higher class if the article is ready, and is obviously completed. However, it is still recommended that they start a vote for the nominations.
Commanding Officers:

617th Attack Battalion
PrivateCorporalSergeantSergeant Major2nd Lieutenant
1st LieutenantCaptainMajorBattalion Commander
Regimental CommanderSenior CommanderMarshal Commander
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