Clone Trooper Corporal Portal

The Clone Trooper Corporals have just begun their career as non-commissioned officers. You have started committing to the wiki and are beginners. Don't be afraid and learn the regulations.
Requirements for promotion:

  • Must have over 50 edits
  • Must have contributed for at least 1 month
  • Must not be inactive
  • Must not have been blocked or disobeyed regulations severely
  • Must show good character, temperance, and a willingness to help
  • Must have previously been a Clone Trooper Private
Clone Trooper Corporals:


In order to keep your position, you must edit at least 10 times a week, unless you notified a commander that you are on vacation. Failure to follow this rule more than 3 times will result in demotion.

In order to put this rank on your userpage, simply add {{CorporalRank}}.

617th Attack Battalion
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1st LieutenantCaptainMajorBattalion Commander
Regimental CommanderSenior CommanderMarshal Commander
617th Attack Battalion - Kotep Squad - Nerra Squad
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