Clone Sergeant Major Portal

The Clone Sergeant Majors have started to really focus on editing and expanding this wiki. Your job is to create any needed pages and vote on the nominations.
Requirements for promotion:

  • Must have over 750 edits
  • Must have contributed for at least 4 months
  • Must not be inactive
  • Must not have been blocked or disobeyed regulations severely
  • Must show good character, temperance, and a willingness to help
  • Must not have been promoted for a period of 1 week
  • Must have previously been a Clone Trooper Sergeant
Clone Sergeant Majors:



In order to keep your position, you must edit at least 25 times a week, unless you notified a commander that you are on vacation. Failure to follow this rule more than 3 times will result in demotion.

In order to put this rank on your userpage, simply add {{SergeantMajor}}.

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