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Clone Intelligence

Unit type:


Notable members:

A'den Skirata
Jaing Skirata
Kom'rk Skirata
Mereel Skirata
Ordo Skirata
Prudii Skirata


Clone troopers
ARC troopers


Covert operations clone trooper
Null ARCs


Clone Wars
Galactic Empire

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Clone Intelligence was a unit of within the Grand Army of the Republic, in the intelligence division. The unit consisted of all the Null-class ARCs, Covert ops troopers, and an Alpha-class ARC.[1] The troopers scouted out several locations where the enemy may be hiding, including the locating and researching the Malevolence,[2] locating General Grievous,[3][4] and researching droid bases and demolishing them.[5]

Notable Members[]

FordoIcon ARCLieutenantIcon ARCLieutenantIcon ARCLieutenantIcon ARCLieutenantIcon AdenIcon SpecOpsIcon SpecOpsIcon CloneCommanderIcon
Ordo Skirata Mereel Skirata Jaing Skirata Prudii Skirata Kom'rk Skirata A'den Skirata Moz Olun Valiant


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