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"Are you sure? We don't want to make things worse..."
―Clone Cadet Graduation and Deployment

This page currently contains information that has never been confirmed. However, it is self-evident that it is true. See the "Other" section for more info on the speculation.

Clone cadet graduation and deployment


22 BBY[1]


Tipoca City Military Complex hangar deck[2], Kamino


Clone cadets graduate and become clone troopers


Domino Squad[3]

Bravo Squad[3]

Shaak Ti[3]
Commander Colt[4]
Commander Havoc[3]
Commander Blitz[3]


Clone Wars

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Mission to Jabba's Palace[5]
Raid on Ziro's Coruscant Club[5]
Battle of Akoshissss[5]

Battle of Ryloth[5]

Mission to Toydaria[5]

"Today is your graduation. From here, you ship out to fight against the Separatists and restore peace to the Republic. Congratulations. You are no longer cadets. You are troopers. May the Force be with you."
―Shaak Ti during the deployment
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A clone cadet graduation and deployment occurred in the year 22 BBY[1] on the planet Kamino. Conducted by Jedi General Shaak Ti, a group of clone cadets trained on Kamino graduated and were deployed to various locations around the galaxy, serving the Grand Army of the Republic. Domino Squad was part of this group of clone cadets.[3]



All clone troopers are required to train on Kamino from birth before joining the Republic. A group of cadets trained and participated in challenges, proving they should become a clone trooper. One such challenge was the Citadel Challenge, which Domino Squad and Bravo Squad participated in. Domino Squad was having difficulty, but completed it on their second try. Both squads graduated.[3]


"Congratulations, you have graduated. At ease."
―El-Les at their graduation

At the Tipoca City Military Complex, the bounty hunters Bric and El-Les graduated the five cadets in Domino Squad: Echo, Fives, Hevy, Droidbait, and Cutup. They received medals for graduating, and 99 was present. As they all filed away, Hevy gave his medal to 99 to thank him for his support.[3]

It is unknown if this ceremony was performed for all the other training squads graduating.


Once soldiers were graduated, they all gathered in formation in the hangar bay in the Tipoca City Military Complex. Shaak Ti gave a speech, and Commander Blitz[6] ordered them to attention. Commander Havoc then led them into a Venator-class star destroyer, with bounty hunters Bric and El-Les watching. Over 200 newly graduated troopers were present at this deployment.[3] They were transported to different parts of the galaxy, including the Rishi Post.[7]


  • Although the position of this event in the official timeline has not been directly stated, its position can be inferred.[5]
  • Bravo Squad showed amazing performance. Their performance was noted as completing the course in "ARC Trooper time". It can be assumed they passed.


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22 BBY[1]


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