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Home world:



c. 32 BBY


Human (clone)




1.83 meters

Hair color:


Eye color:

Brown (left)
Pale yellow (right)


Slick's platoon


Clone wars

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Chopper was a clone trooper who fought in the Battle of Christophsis in Slick's platoon. He was under suspicion of being a traitor due to his strange personality and actions, but was proven not guilty, and Sergeant Slick was revealed to have been working with the enemy.


During the Battle of Geonosis, Chopper received a head injury, which resulted in a large scar on his head and mismatched eyes. After that, when in battle, he blasted droids with joy and rage. He felt that they owed him, causing him to be peculiar from the other members of his platoon. He hated the droids so much that he even made a necklace of their robotic fingers as a war trophy.

Armor and Equipment[]

Chopper wore Phase I clone trooper armor, which was plain white with few damage or scuff marks. He carried a DC-15S blaster carbine when he fought against Separatist battle droids.

Sometime during the Battle of Christophsis he took droid fingers from damaged droids and made a necklace as a grim war trophy. However, knowing it was against the regulations of the Grand Army of the Republic, he never wore it.

Personality and Traits[]

Other troopers in his platoon also felt Chopper was strange. He criticized a crippled Christophsian for being weak and asking for a crutch in war. He also wasn't afraid to stand up against his superior officers and NCOs, and even lied to them to cover up what he had done. His breaking of the regulations caused him to be the prime suspect for being a traitor, but Slick was routed out.


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