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Centax-2 was one of Coruscant's moons and was used for military staging and fleet maintenance during the Clone Wars. Arkanian Microtechnologies was granted the Galactic Republic's contract to produce Jango Fett clone troopers for the GAR after Supreme Chancellor Palpatine manipulated the Senate to terminate the Republic's cloning contract with the Kaminoans. It was on Centax-2 that Arkanian Micro established their cloning facilities.

Clone Army[]

Centax-2 is home to hundreds of Arkanian Micro cloning facilities, which were used to make billions of Jango Fett clones. Arkanian Micro is known to have used Spaarti cloning cylinders to produce clones. These Spaarti-created clones were trained in a much shorter time period, by one-tenth, when compared to the Fett clones produced on Kamino. They could be fully produced, grown, and trained entirely by flash training methods within one year, but such rapid production, growth, and training could cause a few detrimental defects.