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Jedi General Anakin Skywalker


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DC-15S blaster carbines
DC-15A blaster rifles

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Calm Tree was a clone trooper unit that served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. The unit served within the 501st Legion and was led by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker.


Calm Tree was created in 32 BBY, when the clones were commissioned.[1] The unit received basic training and was eventually deployed, being assigned to serve as a unit within the 501st Legion.

In 21 BBY, the unit was deployed to raid Separatist Scientist Nuvo Vindi's laboratory, as the 501st Legion. Jedi General Anakin Skywalker led the unit, while Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi led the Snow Wolves, and Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex led Wildfire.[2]

While Tano and Rex attacked the main Separatist forces, with Kenobi coming in to assist, Calm Tree and Skywalker ran towards the main lab, which was where the hostages were being held - Jar Jar Binks and Senator Padme Amidala. The unit managed to break into the lab, however, Vindi quickly threatened to kill the hostages. Skywalker and his men laid their weapons down and were held hostage. Vindi made his escape but not before electrocuting the two prior hostages, which hurt them severely.[2]

Skywalker and Calm Tree quickly were forced to dispatch the droids, without weapons, doing so with relative ease and suffering no casualties. Calm Tree, with Skywalker, Binks, and Amidala rendezvoused with the rest of their Republic forces and again split off, with Snow Wolves and Wildfire following Amidala, Binks, Rex, and Tano to locate Vindi's assistant droid who had taken a vial of the Blue Shadow Virus, while Calm Tree followed Skywalker and Kenobi toward Vindi to make sure he did not escape.[2]

When they located Vindi, Skywalker managed to get close to him, while Kenobi and Calm Tree were forced to remain the ground. Unfortunately, one trooper in the unit attempted to fire his DC-15A blaster rifle, which Kenobi stopped immediately, as it could destroy one of the vials of the virus that Vindi had been carrying. After a long drawn out standoff, the Republic managed to capture Vindi.[2]

However, despite his capture, the assistant droid had managed to keep the secured vial and plant it in a bomb. Unfortunately, this resulted in the death of two troopers from the combined three units. Tano, Rex, and many of the troopers had managed to get into a secured bunker. Despite this, a bit of the virus managed to get in, which infected all of the remaining forces. Bink and Amidala were in secured hazmat suits and had been safe from its' effect. When the group reunited, they fought off the remaining droids in the bunker. Unfortunately, Amidala's hazmat suit was damaged in the assault.[3]

By the end of the day, the raid only saw the death of six troopers, with the rest being rescued by Skywalker and Kenobi who had managed to find a cure to the virus.[3]

Armor and Equipment[]

Calm Tree was equipped with Phase I clone trooper armor at the time of their deployment to the Raid on Nuvo Vindi's laboratory.[2] The troopers specifically were armed with DC-15S blaster carbines and DC-15A blaster rifles.[2] In spite of having their Phase I armor, which had clean air filtered for 20 minutes, the virus made its way through before that timeline.


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