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"You had your chance to be one of us. You chose the wrong side."
―CX-2 to Crosshair

CX-2 was a clone trooper who had served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars. However, once the Galactic Republic was reorganized into the Galactic Empire, the trooper was enrolled in Imperial Doctor Royce Hemlock's experimental Clone X trooper division, being assigned to being a Clone assassin.


The clone trooper was born in 32 BBY, cloned from the genetic template of Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, on the planet of Kamino.[2][1] The trooper was deployed in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars, surviving throughout the duration of the war. However, upon the end of the Clone Wars, the Galactic Republic was reorganized into the Galactic Empire by Emperor Sheev Palpatine. At some point following the Empire's organization, several clone troopers were thrust into an experimental division by Imperial Doctor Royce Hemlock. The program would erase any trace of who the trooper was previously, including their number from the records, as well as encouraging full devotion to the Empire, which CX-2 was involved in.[3]

In 18 BBY, CX-2 was summoned by Commander Scorch following the failure of CX-1 to execute former Separatist Senator Avi Singh. Scorch relayed the CX-1 was captured by unknown forces and taken prisoner, rather than executed in battle. CX-2 was sent to execute the assassin following the botched operation, with Scorch communicating any details they had to CX-2.[4] CX-2 tracked CX-1 to Teth, locating a run-down B'omarr monastery and a group of resistance members comprised of former clone troopers. CX-2 infiltrated the base, planting explosives on the resistance ships, and making his way into the command center. Upon locating CX-1 and discovering the presence of Omega, another target of Hemlock's, he transmitted their presence to Scorch.[4] Scorch dispatched a unit and allowed CX-2 to continue with the operation.

CX-2 killed on of the clones and pulled his vibroblade from the sheath on his gauntlet before returning to the command center. CX-2 fired on CX-1 once the interrogation room opened again, executing the assassin, before engaging in a firefight with the rest of the resistance members. He detonated the explosives on the ships, killing Samson and another trooper, before continuing the fight with the troopers in the command center. In the firefight, CX-2 disabled the communications relay, which caused a brief explosion. In the frenzy, Fireball grabbed a flamethrower and pursued the assassin, taking a shot in the shoulder. However, when he fell, he dropped the flamethrower and knocked over a bag of thermal detonators, which ignited near the flamethrower, causing the building to fall apart.[4]

CX-2 recovered fairly quickly, continuing to pursue the surviving resistance members before the Imperial unit arrived. CX-2 pursued them through the monastery, starting a brief firefight with Crosshair. However, the surviving resistance members managed to escape in a small ship before CX-2 opened fire and destroyed the engines.[5] Before he could track down the crashed ship, CX-2 rendezvoused with the Imperial unit, being reprimanded by Commander Wolffe in the process. CX-2 went rogue once more, pursuing the survivors with lethal force. After the survivors brought down a shuttle full of Imperial troops, CX-2 opened fire, killing Nemec in the process. Crosshair, however, returned fire and pursued the assassin, while the rest of the survivors headed towards the rendezvous point they had established with Echo and Gregor.[5] Crosshair and CX-2 fought in a brief altercation, with CX-2 coming out nearly victorious before Howzer stunned him, sending his body over the edge of a nearby waterfall.[5] CX-2 survived, dragging himself onto the shoreline to catch his breath.[5]

Personality and Traits[]

CX-2 was incredibly focused on their directive, disregarding orders given by other Imperials in order to complete a mission. He also looked down upon the rogue clone commando Crosshair for refusing to become a clone assassin like him.[5]

Armor and Equipment[]

CX-2 was equipped with a specialized black armor with a pressurized helmet, similar to his predecessor, Clone X. The assassin was equipped with a unique sniper rifle. CX-2's helmet was outfitted with a rangefinder. CX-2 was also given an electro-shock capsule that he placed behind his teeth.


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