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32 BBY[2]


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Bravo Squad


Clone Wars


CT-66-3339 was a clone cadet that was a part of the Grand Army of the Republic.

History Edit

CT-66-3339 was a clone cadet that was born in 32 BBY on the water world Kamino,[2] cloned from the genetic template of the infamous bounty hunter Jango Fett.[1]

CT-27-3555 was assigned to train with a unit known as Bravo Squad, which also consisted of his brothers CT-66-3238, CT-66-3232, CT-66-3233, and CT-27-3555.[3]

The unit trained constantly, even completed the Citadel Challenge training course, in record time, specifically the THX variable 1138.[3] Because of this, when Rancor Battalion's Advanced Recon Commandos Colt, Blitz, and Havoc arrived to examine the cadets, Bravo Squad was called up to run the course first, even complimenting them by stating they completed the course in ARC trooper time.[3]

CT-66-3232 and CT-66-3233 took the left flank of the field, while CT-27-3555, CT-66-3339, and CT-66-3233 took the right flank, engaging training battle droids on all sides, including sniper towers. Eventually, CT-66-3238 climbed the Citadel to capture the flag, while CT-66-3339 and the remaining three squad members covered the squadmate from the ground.[3]

Upon completing the course, the squad walked off the field, as Domino Squad entered the field. During their brief encounter with the Domino Squad, CT-3233 mocked them as Bravo Squad exited the field.[3]

Armor and Equipment Edit

CT-66-3339 was given clone trooper cadet armor, which deviated from the standard Phase I clone trooper armor. CT-66-3339 had also been given a DC-15S blaster carbine with stun blast cartridges.[3]

Appearances Edit

  • CW Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "Clone Cadets"

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