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The CT-5 batch was a batch of Clone troopers that was rather famous.


The CT-5 batch had three known members that served in the Grand Army of the Republic in both of it's subsidiaries, Republic Military and the Republic Navy.

Captain Jag, born CT-55/11-9009, was the most famous of the batch. Jag was placed in charge of the 127th Gunship Wing, where he served in the First Battle of Geonosis as a Commander. He would survive the battle and go on to fight in the Battle of Katraasii.[1] However, he would make a mistake during the battle, which forced the troopers to retreat.

He would be demoted and became a Captain.[1] However, Jedi General Plo Koon witnessed Jag's skill and placed him in charge of flying the experimental ARC-170 starfighters. In 19 BBY, Koon, Jag and CT-57/11-9048 were all deployed to Cato Neimoidia, where Jag and CT-57/11-9048 received Order 66.[2] They killed Koon, which caused the deaths of a Staging Area unit on the surface.[3]

CT-5/501 was another trooper of the batch. He served in a Battle on Raxus Prime. The trooper and his brother CT-4/163 were stationed on the planet helping take count of civilians.[4] The droids attacked them, killing most of their squad. The two troopers, alongside an orphan known as Teff, fought off the remaining droids. CT-5/501 was a pilot in a LAAT as well. The two escorted Teff onto their Republic cruiser, the Candaserii.[4]

CT-5/373 was a clone trooper that was also apart of the CT-5 batch. The trooper served at the First Battle of Geonosis, where he flew in a LAAT and attacked the droids in the arena, where the Jedi were about to be executed. The troopers saved the Jedi, taking off from there. CT-5/373 would then continue to fight the battle and survived it.[5]

Notable Members[]

JagIcon CloneTrooperIcon CloneTrooperIcon
Jag CT-5/373 CT-5/501


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