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Bry was a clone commando that served in the Grand Army of the Republic.


Bry was born in 32 BBY, cloned from the genetic template of Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, on the water world of Kamino.[1] At an early age, Bry was selected for commando training alongside five thousand others in an army of three million.[3] However, Bry was one of the few commandos to received training from a Corellian training sergeant, as seventy-five out of one hundred of the training sergeants in the Cuy'val Dar were Mandalorian.[3] Bry was assigned to serve in Galaar Squad as a clone commando, going through a number of intense training simulations, such as psychological training and physiological training exercises.[3][4][5]

In 22 BBY, Bry and the rest of the Grand Army of the Republic were deployed to the First Battle of Geonosis. Galaar Squad seemingly did not serve regularly throughout the Clone Wars until the reorganization of the Galactic Republic into the Galactic Empire.[3] Three weeks following the creation of the Empire, Bry and Ennen, a fellow squadmate of Galaar Squad, were present for a briefing at the 501st Legion Headquarters led by Darth Vader, where they were informed on the state of their new operations, involving the hunt for Jedi and deserters. The Special Operations Brigade were reorganized into the Imperial Commando Special Unit, with Bry and Ennen being reassigned to serve in Squad 40 alongside Sergeant Niner and Darman, who formerly served in Omega Squad.[3] Days later, Squad 40 were ordered to meet Inquisitor Sa Cuis on a landing pad on Coruscant to be briefed on an operation.[3] Bry and Ennen did not get along very well with their new squadmates, namely due to Niner and Darman being trained by a Mandalorian. Bry was very free with his opinions and willing to cause issues within the squad. Niner ordered Bry to stand down from making "dissenting noises" after breaking up an argument between Darman and Ennen.[3] When Cuis arrived, the four members speculated on their new commander's physical state and questioned why he in charge. Darman noted that he was likely a force-user, which Bry found interesting.[3] Cuis introduced himself to the squad and briefed the unit on their objective, which was to capture Antarian Ranger Jilam Kester alive and bring him back for questioning.

After arriving at their destination - the city of Chelpori on the planet Celen - Squad 40 rendezvoused with the local police force. Bry walked up to the station and knocked on the screen, laughing as the officer in charge spilled his caf on his lap.[3] The officer directed the squad to the location that they had tracked Kester to, which led to Squad 40 breaking into the building after doing brief reconnaissance. Bry and Ennen would cover the back of the facility, while Darman and Niner took the front. Bry planted thermal tape around the door and managed to insert following the order from Niner. The squad cleared all but two rooms, which led to the four rendezvousing once again. Darman loaded his DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon System with the PEP laser setting to stun their target. However, once they breached the room, they discovered the it was not Kester in the room, but former Jedi General and Director of Special Operations Brigade Iri Camas, who was wielding both his lightsaber and a blaster.[3]

Camas fired at the commandos, hitting Ennen in the visor. Darman brought Ennen out of the room to ensure his safety, which he was fine. After initially engaging Camas, Bry circled around to outflank the Jedi Master by gaining entry via a front window. However, he broke in through the window and brought his vibroblade to bear, but was deflected by armored plates the Jedi wore. Camas countered and slashed Bry across the chest before flinging his body across the room. Bry was drug out of the house before a natural gas was ignited, killing Camas in the process, with Ennen attempting to perform CPR on his fallen brother before a medic confirmed that Bry was deceased.[3] After Bry was killed, Ennen was distraught by the loss of his brother and demanded that the rest of the squad cremate him, as was Corellian customs for commemorating the deceased, willing to disobey the regulations to do so.[3] Bry was replaced in the squad by Rede, a commando flash-trained and cloned on Coruscant's moon, Centax-2.[3]

Personality and Traits[]

Bry was cloned from Jango Fett, possessing physical traits of his such as his black hair and brown eyes, as well as the height of 1.83 meters.[1] Bry was described as overwhelmingly Corellian, despite being cloned from a Mandalorian. Bry was trained by a Corellian member of the Cuy'val Dar, which was an unusual phenomenon.[3] Bry was rather vocal about his opinions of the war, the Jedi, and even his Mandalorian squadmates in Squad 40.[3] He also was a rather expressive individual, as he was reprimanded by Niner for making "dissenting noises". Although deployed on a special operation to recover Antarian Ranger Jilam Kester, Bry found humor in something as small as the local police spilling his caf on himself.[3]


  • Imperial Commando: 501st


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