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Blue Watch

Unit type:

Special Forces


Sergeant Kal Skirata

Notable members:



DC-17m blasters

  • Katarn-class armor

Notable battles:



Clone Wars

Blue Watch was the codename for a makeshift unit formed by Kal Skirata within the Grand Army of the Republic in the Special Operations Brigade.

History Edit

Blue Watch was organized by Kal Skirata for a clandestine operation on Coruscant to take out Separatist terrorist within the Republic.[1] Blue Watch was created by Skirata to evenly divide the two squads into four watches, as the tension between the two needed resolving.[1]

Skirata paired Darman and Boss with each other, while Fi was with Sev (Red Watch), Niner with Scorch (Green Watch), and Atin was with Fixer (White Watch).[1]

Members Edit

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|- |BossIcon||OmegaIcon |- |Boss||Darman |}

Armor and Equipment Edit

Since the unit was formed out of members of two separate squads, they both possessed different armor schemes. Darman's unit, Omega Squad wore uniform matte-black,[1] while Boss' unit, Delta Squad, had customized commando armor.[2]

Appearances Edit

  • Republic Commando: Triple Zero

References Edit

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