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c. 32 BBY[2]


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ARC trooper


Rancor Battalion[4]


Clone Wars

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ARC Commander Blitz oversaw clone trooper training on the water planet, Kamino to find future ARC commandos during the Clone Wars. He was one of the few known members of the Rancor Battalion.[4]


On Kamino, he watched to find ARC troopers for the Grand Army of the Republic. Another that did the same, and that he worked with sometimes, was Commander Colt. He watched Domino Squad fail on the training ground on Kamino. After the cadets completed their training and were declared clone troopers by Jedi General Shaak Ti, Blitz told them to put on their helmets. He then marched them out to board an Acclamator-class assault ship.[5]

Around 22 BBY,[6] the Confederacy of Independent Systems launched an attack on Kamino, mainly Tipoca City, the central source of the Republic's cloning facilities. ARC troopers. He was stationed in a large hangar bay with ARC troopers Hammer and Commander Havoc.[7]

Several trident drills made holes within the walls, sending out aqua battle droids to kill the clones. Blitz and the others fought, but were pushed back as the overwhelming droids continued to shoot the troopers, most of which had just been deployed. Commander Havoc was shot, but the troopers held their ground. Jedi master Shaak Ti came into the hangar bay to help, and the trident drills and droids were destroyed.[7]

Blitz then moved to other sections of Tipoca City, accompanied by troopers with rocket launchers to destroy more trident drills. While he was fighting, he ordered an ARF trooper to destroy a trident drill that infested an area with aqua droids, which it carried.[7]

Armor and Equipment

Blitz posing

Blitz in his full gear

Blitz wore new, experimental Phase II ARC trooper armor with yellow markings on his helmet and armor. He also had a white kama with black diamond design on it, in addition to two holsters for his twin DC-17 pistols, a pauldron, and a life support pack. As an ARC trooper, his armor featured protective plating. His helmet also featured yellow markings and a rangefinder.[4]



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22 BBY[6]
c. 22 BBY[6]
Clone Cadet Graduation and Deployment[5]
Battle of Kamino (Tipoca City assault)[7]


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