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"This is Beta Squadron, the way is clear. We are moving into the evacuation zone."
―Beta Squadron
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Beta Squadron was a unit of clone troopers that served in the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.


Beta Squadron was a unit that was created in 32 BBY, when the clone troopers were commissioned by the Jedi.[1] The squadron would be equipped with heavy artillery, being given three All Terrain Tactical Enforcers, as well as two All Terrain Experimental Transports.[2]

Beta Squadron was deployed to the planet of Raxus Prime, under the leadership of Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. The unit was sent to keep Count Dooku from excavating an ancient Sith weapon, created by the Dark Reaper; the Force Harvester.[2] While Alpha Company mounted a direct assault on the front led by the Generals, Beta Squadron took an alternate route to the base perimeter, waiting on the opposite side of the force field gate.[2]

With Alpha Company blasting their way into the site and Beta Squadron engaging the remain Separatist forces, Kenobi managed to destroy the power generator, which lowered the gate and allowed Beta access to enter. However, when Skywalker found Dooku, he began to chase after him. Kenobi attempted to stop his padawan but a Separatist tank, a Protodeka decimated both Alpha Company and Beta Squadron, as well as any other forces in the gates. Kenobi managed to destroy the tank but was then informed by outside clone troopers that the artifact was gone.[2]

Armor and Equipment[]

Beta Squadron was outfitted with Phase I clone trooper armor during their deployment in the war. They were likely armed with DC-15S blaster carbines and DC-15A blaster rifles. The squadron was also heavily armored, being supplied with three All Terrain Tactical Enforcers and two All Terrain Experimental Transports.[2]


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