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Battle of Umbara


21 BBY




Galactic Republic


Clone Wars


Galactic Republic

Confederacy of Independent Systems


Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi
Jedi General Saesee Tiin
Jedi General Pong Krell
Jedi General Anakin Skywalker
Another Jedi General
Jedi Commander Ahsoka Tano
Jedi Commander Barriss Offee
Admiral Wulff Yularen
Marshal Commander Cody
Captain Rex
Lieutenant Hawk
Sergeant Appo

General Ennodius
General Farr-Nees


9 Jedi
1 Advanced Recon Commando
Advanced Recon Force troopers
AT-RT drivers
Clone naval officers
Clone troopers

Clone trooper pilots
All Terrain Recon Transports
Aggressive ReConnaissance-170 starfighters
BTL-B Y-wing starfighters
Z-95 starfighters
2 Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptors
3 Acclamator-class assault ships
3 Venator-class Star Destroyers

Umbaran military
B1 battle droids
B2 super battle droids
DSD1 dwarf spider droids
Droid tri-fighters
Hyena-class bombers
Vulture droids starfighters
Munificent-class star frigates
Providence-class carrier/destroyers
Recusant-class light destroyers
1 Separatist supply ship

Losses and Casualties:

Many clone troopers

At least one LAAT/i gunship
Many AT-RTs
Moderate starfighter losses
Jedi General Pong Krell

Heavy losses to Umbaran military and ground support
At least one Munificent-class star frigate
Many warships
1 Separatist supply ship
T-series tactical droid commander

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The Battle of Umbara was a major battle that took place during the Clone Wars. The Republic struggles to recapture the planet Umbara as Jedi General Skywalker and Kenobi lead the 501st and 212th. During the battle, the 501st was temporarily in charge by General Pong Krell who secretly is working for Count Dooku while Skywalker was requested back to Coruscant.



During the early days of the Clone Wars, the Umbarans had a presence within the Galactic Republic. They were represented by Senator Mee Deechi, a militarist politician who supported expansions to the Grand Army of the Republic.[1] However, in 21 BBY, Deechi was murdered by a fellow politician, Representative Lolo Purs, assistant to Senator Onacanda Farr, who Purs had also murdered.[1] Following the death of their senator, the Umbarans withdrew from the Republic and allied themselves with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, bringing their advanced technology to the Separatist aid. The Republic, in retaliation to the Separatists restricting their grip over an important supply line, launched a campaign, with Jedi Generals Saesee Tiin, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Pong Krell, and Anakin Skywalker taking the control of it. Jedi Commanders Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee were sent as well, being assigned to air support, serving alongside Oddball.[2]

The Battle[]

The Republic forces launched a strike on the Separatist blockade in an effort to claim Umbara. Spearheaded by Z-95 Headhunters led by Jedi Commanders Ahsoka Tano and Barriss Offee, the Republic forces broke through the Separatist blockade, allowing the Acclamator-class transgalactic military assault ships to enter the planet. Before the ground battle had begun, Kenobi and Skywalker briefed members of the 501st Legion and 212th Attack Battalion, including Commander Cody, Captain Rex, ARC Trooper Fives, and Lieutenant Waxer. The briefing included strategy, dividing forces with Skywalker assigned to take the Northern front, while Kenobi, Tiin, and Krell were deployed to take the Southern front, all to rendezvous and capture the Umbaran Capital City.[2] The group dispersed into their LAAT/is and began the ground assault. Kenobi, Tiin, and Krell began their assault in the Southern front, however the Umbaran Militia's powerful technology and the dangerous wildlife conditions prevented a swift capture of the Capital forcing Kenobi's forces into prolonged skirmishes around the Capital outskirts. Therefore Kenobi was forced to rely on the 501st for their support until his forces could find an opening in the Capital's defenses.[3] Meanwhile, on the Northern front, the 501st began their landing, which was noted by Lieutenant Hawk to be very difficult to see through.[2] Eventually, Hawk and the numerous other gunships set down on the Umbaran surface, unloading the 501st Legion before returning to the Acclamators. The 501st Legion assaulted the Umbarans, while also disturbing wildlife such as the vixus, which resulted in the death of at least one clone trooper before Fives tossed a thermal detonator into its appendage, killing it swiftly.[2] As they continued the push, the Umbarans eventually retreated, allowing the 501st Legion to rest momentarily. While Skywalker, Rex, and Fives met to discuss the strategy, Umbarans had attacked the unit from behind, killing numerous troopers before the 501st performed a tactical retreat and called in an airstrike on the position. After the 501st managed to locate a place for cover, Odd Ball began the airstrike, with the bombs hitting their mark.[2]

Soon thereafter, while the 501st reorganized, Skywalker was called away back to Coruscant at the request of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, with Krell taking over in the interim. Krell continued with the 501st towards the capital. The 501st traveled for numerous hours without rest, being attacked by a pair of Umbaran banshees. Krell killed the two creatures before reprimanding the troopers.[2] When the unit reached the outskirts of the capital, Krell ordered a full forward assault down the main road, to which Rex objected, suggesting Skywalker's plan rather than leave the group exposed to enemy fire. However, Krell did not concede, forcing a majority of the legion to march towards the capital. As they continued, the debate among the 501st arose, with only Dogma defending Krell's decisions.[2] On the road, the 501st walked into a minefield, discovering this only once two mines detonated, killing Oz and Ringo in the process. As Fives began a scan for the mines, the Umbarans began their attack, striking the unit from all directions. The unit took heavy losses before Rex called for a retreat, breaking Krell's orders in the hopes of saving his men. Eventually, the full strength of the 501st managed to force the Umbarans to retreat. However, Krell reprimanded Rex for his contradictory order, with Fives attempting to stand up for him but being threatened to silence quickly. Rex told Krell that his duty was to protect his men above his orders to complete the mission, which Krell seemingly respected.[2]

The Umbarans performed a counterstrike, which the 501st defended themselves against. Meanwhile Kenobi and Tiin discovered the utilization of an Umbaran airbase. Kenobi relayed that information to Krell, while the 501st continued fighting the Umbarans. Eventually the skirmish subsided, allowing the 501st to push on toward the airbase. As the 501st reached the outskirts of the airbase, Rex suggested to Krell that they scout out the position. Krell, in turn, remarked that Kenobi and the 212th desperately needed relief from the airbase's offenses, ordering the 501st to move up the gorge in single file formations. As a detachment moved down the hillside, Rex gave the information for the operation, which began dissent among the troops, specifically disdain for Krell's command.[4] However, eventually, the unit split into three groups, led by Rex, Fives, and Hardcase, respectively.[4] Once they split up, the detachment quickly came under fire from Impeding Assault Tanks, which emerged from the underground. The detachment were able to execute the tanks by utilizing rocket launchers and other weaponry before moving forward again to the airbase, before once again being attacked by Umbaran heavy assault cannons, which were immune to missiles and laser projectiles. The 501st detachment were pushed back, finding cover where they could, allowing Kix to provide medical attention to the wounded. Rex, struggling with the position he was placed in, ordered Fives and Hardcase to infiltrate the airbase and steal Umbaran starfighters to use against the cannons. The two eventually made their way through the airbase defense and confiscated the craft, aiding their brothers-in-arms against the cannons and eventually taking the airbase with the rest of the 501st led by Krell and Sergeant Appo.[4]

After the Republic forces secured the airbase, the Umbarans were determined to enhance their assault tactics in an attempt to retake the airbase. Additionally, the capital shifted to receive supplies from a Separatist supply ship protected by a Separatist fleet that outnumbered the Republic's fleet.[5] During that phase of the naval battle, clone pilot Stub engaged Umbaran fighters.[6] However, while the 501st secured the airbase and continued to remain alert in case of a counterattack. While the 501st took shifts of patrol and much needed rest, Fives examined and studied the Umbaran starfighters to attempt to learn how they could use them to the Republic's advantage. Krell remained in the control center until he received a communication from Kenobi, who congratulated the 501st on taking the airbase. He informed Krell that the 212th was being forced away from the capital due to long-range missiles and informed the attack force of the Separatist supply ship. Krell relayed that their group would rendezvous with the 212th and Kenobi at the RV point regardless of the missiles.[5] Shortly thereafter, Kenobi lost communication with the airbase. Despite with this information, Krell commanded that the 501st be ready within twelve hours to move on the capital. However, when Rex relayed this information to his men, the inner circle of Fives, Hardcase, Jesse, Kix, and Tup believed the orders to be a suicidal operation. Fives revealed that he had cracked the Umbaran intel and managed to retrieve their access codes, the group simply needed practice using the Umbaran starfighters. However, during a training session, Hardcase accidentally opened fire on the Umbaran hangar doors. When Krell discovered this, he demanded all fighters be locked down and continued them to prepare for the assault on the capital.[5] When Rex's inner circle gathered once again, it became clear that the members were unwilling to march on the capital and risk their lives and their brothers. Fives especially rallied against Krell's orders and enlisted Hardcase and Jesse to fly alongside him to take down the supply ship, noting that the Separatists would not be shooting at their own fighters. Fives informed Rex of their choice and embarked on their mission. However, when Dogma became aware of this, he attempted to bring Tup to brief Krell, only being stopped by Rex. The three troopers made it into the supply ship before Hardcase was spotted by a droid, revealing their position. When the three troopers located the central component of the ship blocked by a ray shield, which forced the troopers to bring their vehicles to a halt. The droids opened fire on the starfighters, corning the troopers. Hardcase's ship had been damaged in the operation, which he used to his advantage, disengaging that component and running it through the access door. He ordered Fives and Jesse to get out of the ship, which they complied. In the operation, Hardcase sacrificed himself and destroyed the supply ship. When Fives and Jesse returned, they were arrested for treason and awaited trial.[5]

However, shortly thereafter, Krell ordered Rex to remove Fives and Jesse from their cell and execute them now, as they had no time to try them for their alleged crimes. Rex was outraged and distraught by this order, but brought the two out to the courtyard to follow this order. However, as the execution squad lined up, Fives interrupted the order, appealing to his brothers' sense of injustice and that Krell had given numerous faulty and wrongful orders. Nevertheless, Dogma ordered the squad to fire upon the two troopers. However, the squad intentionally missed their shots, much to Dogma shock. Rex, however, ordered the squad to remove the binders that held Fives and Jesse. Krell was outraged by this treasonous act, ordering Rex and Dogma to report to the control tower.[7] Before Krell and Rex could argue over the order, the control tower received word from a clone scout, informing them that the Umbarans were preparing another offensive, possibly with the aid of clone armor and weapons captured from a platoon. Krell deployed Rex and a detachment of the 501st to engage the Umbarans. The 501st engaged the reported Umbarans who were wearing armor that matched that of the 212th. However, during the engagement, Rex moved away from the main battlefield to investigate a dead soldier wearing the 212th's armor. Rex removed the helmet to discover that it was a dead clone trooper. He ran to the center of the battlefield shouting that both sides ceasefire, removing his helmet to show that he was a clone. He lounged at a 212th trooper and removed his helmet, revealing to the 501st that he was a clone as well.[7] After verifying the casualties, Rex demanded to see the 212th's platoon leader, who Kix found out was Waxer. Waxer had sustained fatal wounds in the firefight, but managed to tell Rex that Krell had told them that they were going to fight enemies who had taken clone armor and equipment. Enraged by the decision, Rex led the 501st and the platoon of the 212th to arrest Krell for treason. Initially Dogma began the march on the airbase, however, due to his "loyalist" view towards Krell. When the 501st and 212th arrived in the control tower, Krell initially remained calm until Rex revealed that they were aware of the 501st and 212th being pitted against one another.[7] Krell fought against the united force and broke out of the control center, where he was met by another detachment of the 501st. Krell made his way into the wilderness, killing troopers as he went, until Rex, Fives, Jesse, and the rest of the 501st chased after him. During the chase, Dogma drew his blaster on the group, remarking that they were all traitors. However, Rex talked him down and had him arrested. Rex led two detachments into the wilderness before tracking down Krell. Tup ended up stunning Krell after an encounter with a vixus, arresting him and bringing him back to the airbase.[7] When Krell awoke, Rex, Fives, Jesse, Kix, and Tup entered the hold to question the traitorous Krell. Krell revealed that he had tricked them all and planned to desert from the Grand Army of the Republic to serve as one of Count Dooku's agents. Rex drew his sidearm and was prepared to execute Krell, while Fives removed Dogma from the cell, as he had shown his shock at Krell's treasonous actions. Rex was prepared to execute the former Jedi General, however, Dogma snatched Fives' sidearm and fired into Krell's back, killing him instantly.[7]

Dogma was taken into custody for killing a Jedi, though Rex gave him a reassuring nod to let him know he had done what was right. Fives informed Rex that the last holdouts of Umbarans had been taken out and that Kenobi and Tiin's forces had captured the capital. Rex did not feel like celebrating it however, and he spoke with Fives about what the point of the war was, and what would happen to the clones when it ended.[7]




  • General Ennodius - KIA
  • General Farr-Nees - KIA
  • TM-171 - KIA


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