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Bacara, born with the designation CC-1138, was a clone marshal commander who led the 21st Nova Corps with Jedi General Ki-Adi-Mundi of the Fourth Outer Rim Army. He received ARC training under Alpha-17,[1] and was identified as a loner from the other clone troopers, although he always put the safety of his troopers first. Because he received special training, he helped evolve the Galactic Marines into one of the best units in the Grand Army of the Republic. He trained his troopers hard and only expected the best from them.

Bacara saw lots of action on many worlds including New Bornalex, Mygeeto, Boz Pity, Aargonar, and Rhen Var. He had new armor to fight with, so it helped the 21st and Bacara to the point where when their guns failed, the clones fought with their hands.


Early Life

Bacara was born on the world of Kamino to serve the Galactic Republic and the Grand Army of the Republic along with his other millions of identical brothers. When he was young, he was trained by the ex-Journeyman Protector Cort Davin to fight and survive in the war. He also learned Concordian, a dialect of Mando'a.

Advanced Recon Commando

At the beginning of the war, Bacara fought on the front lines with his men until he was called back to Kamino to be trained under Alpha-17, a great trainer. One of these battles was the First Battle of Geonosis.[3] Bacara would come out to be one of the hundred or so commanders to be trained by A-17. Some others included Cody of the 7th Sky Corps, Gree of the 41st Elite Corps, Bly of the 327th Star Corps, and Neyo of the 91st Reconnaissance Corps. He eventually was sent back to the fighting against the Confederacy of Independent Systems when his training was finished.

New Bornalex

Bacara (2)

Bacara in Phase II armor

Bacara and the Marines soon received an assignment to decimate the droid forces on New Bornalex, so the troops arrived their with their new armor. Halfway through the battle, the guns to the armor malfunctioned, which left the clones unarmed. Bacara was still determined to not give up, so he encouraged the others to fight with their bare hands, and the clone troopers literally tore the battle droids and super battle droids apart with them. Soon, the great Separatist force was diminished to no more. The encounter earned the Galactic Marines a great reputation throughout the Republic.

Other Planets

Afterward, the 21st Corps fought at a dozen more worlds in the Outer Rim on a variety of different terrains including the mud on Aargonar and Boz Pity and the snow and mountains on Rhen Var. During that time, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Bacara, and a Jedi Knight named Rivi-Anu battled an enemy on a Venator-class Star Destroyer and killed him, but ending up in the death of Rivi-Anu.

Mygeeto and Order 66

Galactic Marines

The Galactic Marines on Mygeeto

The Galactic Marines and parts of the 501st Legion were sent to the snow-covered world of Mygeeto to acquire a valuable power crystal for a mysterious weapon of Chancellor Palpatine's. Bacara was a little worried about the 501st because he could not control what they did, but trusted the authority in General Mundi's hands. The fight soon moved into the city of Jygat and the Republic slowly forced the Separatists back. The Separatists decided to lay waste to the city and the Republic unintentionally joined in, trying to defeat the tri-droids that destroyed it.

As the fight became worse, Bacara received a transmission from Darth Sidious to kill the Jedi because they were traitors to the Republic. Even though he had respect for them, the Republic came first, so he did not hesitate to pursue and kill the unsuspecting Jedi. Later on, he was glad to have killed the Jedi because he thought of them as arrogant beings who wanted to overthrow the government.

Armor and Equipment

Bacara (3)

Commander Bacara in his armor

Commander Bacara had Phase II Galactic Marine armor that included strength-enhancing armor that included macrobinoculars, a utility belt, kama, pauldron, and a bandoleer for holding ammo to fire with. He carried a DC-15A blaster rifle and had a DC-15S blaster carbine. Even though his troopers had maroon and white armor with different attachments on it, his armor was separate from theirs.


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21–20 BBY
21 BBY
20 BBY
19 BBY
ARC trooper training[4]
Battle of Aargonar[5]
Battle of Mygeeto (First part)[6]
Battle of New Bornalex[7]
Battle of Boz Pity[8]
First Battle of Mygeeto[9]
Battle of Mygeeto (Second part)[10]


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