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Aurek Team

Unit type:

Special forces


Jedi High General Mace Windu
Captain Dyne
Commander Valiant


Senate Bureau of Intelligence Agents
Advanced Recon Commandos


DC-15S blaster carbines
DC-17 hand blasters

Notable battles:


  • The Works


Clone Wars

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Aurek Team was a unit that served in the Grand Army of the Republic's Intelligence department. The team was tasked specifically with finding out the identity of Darth Sidious, the leader of the Separatists and his activity in the Works, a lower level of Coruscant.[1]


Aurek Team was a unit that was formed in 19 BBY, created by Jedi High General Mace Windu. The unit, which comprised of Windu, SBI Captain Dyne, and Advanced Recon Commando Commander Valiant, as well as other SBI agents and Advanced Recon Commandos. The unit, alongside Bacta Team, was created to find out the identity of Darth Sidious. Eventually, they discovered that there was a Sith base in the lower levels of Coruscant, which was called The Works.[1]

Aurek Team was deployed to the base to investigate, save for Windu, determining that Count Dooku had brought a secret individual to the planet and had hidden him in the lower levels. Dyne informed Windu of this, who was busy dealing with the Battle of Coruscant, above ground. Eventually, the team infiltrated this location and discovered the identity of Sidious. However, the unit was slaughtered before they were given the opportunity to reveal this intel to Windu.[1]

Armor and Equipment[]

The team were likely equipped with standard weaponry, as the operation was not one of the infantry variety. SBI Agents were likely outfitted with lighter weapons, such as blaster pistols. The ARCs were equipped with DC-17 hand blasters and occasionally a WESTAR-M5 blaster rifle for heavier battles.[2]


  • Labyrinth of Evil


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