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Aurek Squad

Unit type:

Special forces


Jedi General Ezar Elasra
Sergeant Husk


Clone commandos


DC-17m blasters
DC-15s side arm blasters

Notable battles:



Clone Wars

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Aurek Squad was a clone commando squad that served in the Grand Army of the Republic's Special Operations Brigade.


Aurek Squad was likely created in 32 BBY, when the clones were commissioned.[1] They received intensive training, being trained by one of the 100 Cuy'val Dar, going through exercises such as the Sickener and the Killing House.[2][3]

At one point during the Clone Wars, Aurek Squad was deployed to the planet of Tirahnn, under the command of Jedi General Ezar Elasra. The unit was deployed as a preparation force for Elasra's taskforce.[4]

The squad traveled to the planet by in a Low Altitude Assault Transport/stealth, alongside a few clone troopers and Republic agents. They evaded the Separatist fleet, but subsequently crashed on the planet and quickly came under attack by a roggwart. Fortunately, the group managed to kill it. Shortly afterward, the commandos deployed on BARC speeders and set out to achieve their primary objective. They managed to sabotage the main CIS vehicle depot on the planet, ensuring that when Elasra began their main assault, they would encounter light resistance. During the battle for the planet, the commandos managed to block the main escape route for the Separatist forces.[4]

Armor and Equipment[]

The unit was likely outfitted with the standard equipment for a commando unit, which would be Katarn-class commando armor, DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon Systems, and DC-15s side arm blasters. They likely also had an assorted group of grenades.


  • Galaxy at War


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