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Attack on a Republic troop transport


22 BBY


Separatist forces


Clone Wars


Republic Emblem Galactic Republic

CIS Emblem Confederacy of Independent Systems


Clone troopers
1 troop transport

Battle droids
2 gunships

Losses and Casualties:

All clones save for Cut

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First Battle of Geonosis

Eventually the Battle of Christophsis

"Shortly after the Battle of Geonosis, our troop transport got caught between two Separatist gunships. They fired at us with everything they had. We crashed. Most of us were either dead or severely injured. When they started going through the wounded, killing us off, I knew there was no hope. I ran. It still haunts me."
Cut Lawquane, giving Captain Rex his backstory
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Shortly after the First Battle of Geonosis, a pair of Confederate gunships ambushed a Republic troop transport, causing the gunship to crash on the unknown planet's surface.


Shortly after surviving the First Battle of Geonosis, the Republic troop transport was caught between two Separatist gunships, most likely HMP droid gunships.[1] The two gunships fired everything they had at the troop transport, which resulted in it's crash.[2]

Once they crashed, the several of the clones were severely injured or KIA. The gunships landed, and began killing the clones off. However, they were unsuccessful in killing them all, as Cut managed to escape the carnage.[2]

Cut managed to make his way to Saleucami, where he met Suu Lawquane and her children, Shaeeah and Jek.[3] Eventually, he married Suu and became a farmer.[2]




  • 2 Separatist gunships


  • The HMP droid gunships were not confirmed to have been apart of the battle. However, there were no other Separatist gunships in the Separatist army or navy, it can be safely assumed that the HMP was the gunship used.[1]
  • There were several troop transports used throughout the Republic garrison. However, it was most likely one of the following simply a Republic Troop Transport, also deployed at the Battle of Rhen Var. They carried 12 clone troopers, plus the the pilot and gunner.[4]


  • CW Star Wars: The Clone Wars – "The Deserter" (First mentioned)


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