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The Grand Army of the Republic, and its clone troopers used two types of armor: Phase I and Phase II. The GAR's successor, the Stormtrooper Corps, its own armor for its troopers.

Phase I[]

Clone trooper (2)

Phase I armor

The Phase I clone trooper armor was made up of 20 plastoid plates over a tight fitting body glove. It was considered to be bulky but as clone trooper armor's design changed it became more comfortable and easy to move in.

Phase II[]

Phase II clone trooper armor

Phase II

The second form of armor was more comfortable and easier to move around in. It also included a special breath filter which held 20 minutes of breathable air.

Stormtrooper armor[]

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Stormtrooper armor

This armor was mainly used by the Galactic Empire. Although it most likely came in different sizes as non-clones were also used by the Empire as stormtroopers.

First order armor[]

The first order armor, like the storm trooper armor, was based around the original white Phase I clone trooper armor. However by this point all the Jango Fett clones were deceased.