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Aquila Squad

Unit type:

Special forces




DC-17m blasters
DC-15s side arm blasters
Assorted weapons

Notable battles:



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Aquila Squad was a clone commando squad that served in the Grand Army of the Republic within its Special Operations Brigade.


Aquila Squad was created in 32 BBY when the Grand Army of the Republic was commissioned.[1] The unit received intense training, being trained under the Cuy'val Dar, who were instructors hired by the prime clone Jango Fett. The unit would go through several intense exercises, including the Killing House and the Sickener.[2] In 22 BBY, the squad was likely deployed to the First Battle of Geonosis.[2]

Following the battle, the squad would be assigned to serve in one of ten commando battalions. In 19 BBY,[3] the squad was active during the Battle of Coruscant. Once the battle was over, the squad, alongside fellow commando units, Manka Squad and Omega Squad, were assigned to restore law and order, alongside the Coruscant Security Force.[4]

Armor and Equipment[]

Aquila Squad was outfitted with Katarn-class commando armor, as well as a set of DC-17m Interchangeable Weapon Systems and DC-15s side arm blasters.[5] They likely possessed a multitude of other weapons and an assortment of grenades.


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