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An Anti Trooper

Anti Troopers were the last of the Fett Cloning Program. They were created after Order 66 to fight Imperial Storm Troopers by the Kaminoans.


An Anti-Trooper fighting a 501st Storm Trooper


After Order 66, many Kaminoans rebelled against cloning more clone troopers for the Empire. Instead, the Kaminoans cloned clone troopers to rebel against any sort of Imperial conquest in order to help restore the Old Republic. The Battle of Kamino was the end of the Anti-troopers. Led by every Anti Troop's brother, Boba Fett, an army of 501st Storm Troopers attacked Tipoca City with the Anti-Troopers defending the city. Ultimately, the Storm Troopers came victorious, killing every Anti-Trooper and putting Kamino under Imperial control.