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Anaxes Celebration Ceremony


19 BBY




Awards granted to The Bad Batch, Echo and Rex


Clone Force 99

501st Legion


Clone Wars

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Battle for Anaxes

Bombing at the Jedi Temple

"Captain Rex, Corporal Echo and Clone Force 99 you did a valent service for the Republic with our ship yars operational again we can expect more battle to be won"
―Mace Windu
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Anaxes Celebration Ceremony was a event that took place after the Republic won the Battle for Anaxes. During the ceremony, Clone Force 99, ARC trooper corporal Echo and Captain Rex received medals for there role in the victory.



After Clone Force 99 along with Rex and Echo had won the Battle for Anaxes and the Republic retook the assembly complex and won the battle. On Anaxes a ceremony of the victory was held.


The Bad Batch, Rex and Echo all received awards, given to them by Jedi General Mace Windu. The members of the 501st Legion, 91st Mobile Reconnaissance Corps, and 212th Attack Battalion, accompanied by ARC Jesse cheered to the victory of the battle, despite showing some disrespect toward the Bad Batch.


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