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Alpha Flight

Unit type:

Starfighter squadron


Clone trooper pilots

Notable battles:

Ando system


Clone Wars

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Alpha Flight was a clone trooper starfighter squadron that participated in the Clone Wars.


Alpha Flight was a unit with the Grand Army of the Republic, specifically within the Republic Navy, which was created in 32 BBY with the commissioning of the GAR.[1] Alpha Flight would consist of clone trooper pilots and would eventually be deployed into the Clone Wars.

In 21 BBY, the squadron was deployed, as a part of Strike Force Cularin, to the Ando System, where they were tasked with attacking a base owned by the Separatists. Upon arriving, the task force would commandeer a CR90 Corvette, which was a Separatist frigate. However, this ship would be destroyed by friendly fire, ordered by Colonel Rast'tul, who was a member of the Thaereian government. Gura Tran, who was also a member of that government, had been aboard the ship and had been conferring with the Separatists. In an attempt to cover up the potential alliance, Rast'tul ordered the ship's destruction.[2]

Shortly thereafter, clone forces, consisting of two companies of troopers, landed on the planet, eventually taking the base, after fighting off several battle droids and organic soldiers. Rast'tul would be arrested for treason during the battle.[2]


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