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Alpha-2 Squad was a clone trooper unit in the Grand Army of the Republic that was deployed during the duration of the Clone Wars. The squad was deployed to an unknown planet, where they would all go missing, which caused Jedi High General Mace Windu to worry.


Alpha-2 Squad was a unit of six clone troopers that was created in 32 BBY,[1] and was deployed in 22 BBY at the beginning of the Clone Wars.[2] Alpha-2 Squad was deployed to an unknown planet. The squad went missing, which caused the Republic to deploy Jedi High General Mace Windu to investigate the disappearance of the unit.[3]

Upon arriving on the planet, Windu made his way to a nearby city, where the squad had last made contact. A mysterious droid met Windu at the gates of the city, leading him into a nearby building, where Alpha-2 Squad were all sitting. However, upon closer inspection, Windu determined they were all dead, despite sitting upright.[3]

Windu chased after the droid, named Z-18, and was immediately attacked by a horde of the undead, Alpha-2 Squad included. Windu was taken captive after being overrun. When he awoke from being knocked unconscious, he discovered that an energy vampire, Countess Rajine, had taken over the town and control of the dead. Rajine had the plan of draining Windu and taking control of all the life-force he had.[3]

That night, Z-18 broke Windu out of his captivity, revealing that his original master had been a Jedi Master named Samuro, who had a holocron in his possession. Rajine and the zombies found and surrounded the two, with Rajine cutting Z-18 in half with Windu's lightsaber. Windu distracted Rajine by opening the holocron, which had a prerecorded message by Samuro, who used a chant to reverse the zombies' mind control, and cause them attack Rajine, which led to their freedom. Following Rajine's death, all the zombies, including Alpha-2 Squad, reverted back to lifelessness.[3]

Armor and Equipment[]

Alpha-2 Squad was equipped with standard clone trooper armor; either Phase I clone trooper armor or Phase II clone trooper armor. They were likely given DC-15S blaster carbines, DC-15A blaster rifles, and DC-17 hand blasters. The troopers' armor in the unit varied, with two troopers possessing blue markings, three possessing red markings, and one possessing orange armor.[3]


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