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c. 32 BBY[2]


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Alpha-class ARC trooper


Squad Seven


Clone Wars

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Alpha-17, or simply known as A-17[3] or Alpha,[4] was an Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commando captain[3] who served in the Clone Wars under Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi.[5]


First Battle of Kamino

He first fought in the First Battle of Kamino, as did a lot of ARC troopers. He fought with Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi, Shaak Ti, and Kenobi's padawan Anakin Skywalker on the water-world, Kamino. He was going to destroy the lab by a self-destruct sequence, but after a plan that the four of them came up with (collapsing the walls, while Shaak Ti held the water), he gave up on the plan.[5][3]

Battle of Ohma-Du'n

He was sent to Ohma-Du'n, where a Separatist attack was suspected. When his unit arrived there, all they could see was ruins. Before they could investigate, they were under attack by the Mandalorian-hating bounty hunter Durge, and former Jedi padawan Asajj Ventress. General Kenobi sent Alpha-17 with Anakin Skywalker to find the weapon that destroyed Ohma-Du'n, so that it couldn't be used in Theed Palace. That's when he got his name, Alpha, after an uncomfortable time with General Skywalker just calling him "clone". Afterwars, the Jedi, Alpha, and the clone troopers successfully finished the mission.[4][3]

Battle of Jabiim

He was chosen to go to Jabiim, which had declared their allegiance to the Confederacy of Independent Systems. That is when the Battle of Jabiim was declared. The Republic won, but because of the rain, the vehicles transporting troopers were slowed down and the Jabiim inhabitants attacked. Alpha-17 and General Kenobi were supposedly killed in an AT-AT explosion, but they miraculously survived. They were taken prisoners and transferred to a prison on Rattatak, where they were interrogated; they revealed no information and broke out with the help of Jedi Generals Ki-Adi-Mundi and Anakin Skywalker.[6][3]

Service on Kamino


Alpha-17 during the war

After he had healed in a bacta tank, he was sent to Kamino to train clone commanders such as Cody,[7] Neyo,[8] Bacara,[9] Gree,[10] Appo, Bly, Salvo, Faie, Odd Ball, Keller, and many more. He also took Anakin's advice and gave them all different nicknames. He was also promoted to the rank of captain during this period of time.[3][1]

Battle of Boz Pity

After that, he was sent to accompany senator Bail Organa on a tour around the Outer Rim Sieges on the Star Destroyer, Intervention. When the ship went to the surface of Boz Pity, he got ready to fight again. After the battle, Asajj Ventress was thought to be killed and was loaded onto a medical transport with Alpha-17, because he was seriously injured by General Grievous. But to his surprise, Ventress was alive, took over the ship, and ordered the pilots to take the ship away.[3][11]

Armor and Equipment

Alpha-17 wore different armor than most clone troopers[12] and he had armor with red[13] and blue markings.[14]He also had a kama and pauldron.[4] Alpha-17 used several different weapons including heavy blaster rifles, proton grenades, and thermal detonators.[3]


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