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All Terrain Tactical Enforcer




Rothana Heavy Engineering


13.2 meters


5.32 meters


5.02 meters


1 mass-drive missile launcher
6 antipersonnel laser cannons


1 IM-6 medical droid
2 All Terrain Recon Transports




1 pilot
1 spotter
5 gunners


2 squads (20 troopers)


Clone Wars
Galactic Empire

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The All Terrain Tactical Enforcer, better known simply as an AT-TE, was a large vehicle used by the Grand Army of the Republic. It was the standard armored vehicle for the army.


The AT-TE could complete many different tasks ranging from transporting platoons of clone troopers to attacking enemy installations. They could even provide heavy artillery support for battalions of soldiers.

The AT-TE was impervious to ion damage due to electomagnetic shielding. The AT-TE could penetrate energy shields, something that repulsorlift vehicles couldn't do. It could be effective in almost any terrain including cliffs and asteroids. AT-TEs had an effective range of 500 km and they could carry enough supplies to keep the crew fed for three weeks.

The AT-TE had a crew of six highly trained clones. The pilot steered the walker. The spotter used several sensors to locate objectives, units, and geographical features, which were then relayed to the four gunners nestled in the armored hull of the walker. One crew member had to sit atop the walker, exposed to enemy fire to operate the mass-driver cannon.

The large mass-driver cannon was obviously the largest gun on the walker. Even though it had a slow rate of fire and poor accuracy it was still a fearsome weapon. Depending on the mission it could fire sonic charges, heat seeking missiles, or solid shots for penetrating armor.

The six small laser cannons were still important even though they were weren't big. Four were placed in a square around the cockpit while the other two defended the rear of the walker. They were used to fight small vehicles or shoot down enemy infantry.

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