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Ahsoka Tano
Ahsoka Tano

Home world:



36 BBY






1.88 meters

Eye color:



Commander (formerly)


501st Legion


Galactic Republic

  • Jedi Order

Rebel Alliance


Anakin Skywalker


Clone Wars
Galactic Empire
New Republic

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Ahsoka Tano was a former Jedi Padawan, and Commander in the Grand Army of the Republic, during the Clone Wars. As the Padawan of Jedi General Anakin Skywalker, Ahsoka served with the 501st Legion in numerous battles.

During the Clone Wars, Ahsoka formed friendships with several of the clones in the Grand Army of the Republic, especially Captain Rex.


Early Life[]

Ahsoka was born on the world of Shili, and discovered by Jedi Master Plo Koon. Like most force sensitive children, Ahsoka was taken from her home world to be raised at the Jedi Temple.


During the Clone Wars, the Techno Union took control of the planet Ryloth. The Jedi Council dispatched General Skywalker, and Commander Tano to break the blockade over the planet. During the battle, Ahsoka got the chance to lead a squadron of clone pilots for the first time. The young Commander, and Blue Squadron set out against the Separatist blockade. During the battle, Separatist reinforcements arrived, and Ahsoka received an order from General Skywalker, and Admiral Yularen to retreat, however Commander Tano disobeyed the order, this resulted in the death of nearly half of Blue Squadron. This event made the young Jedi afraid of taking command again.

Later in the battle, Ahsoka learned of a plan to evacuate the Republic vessel, the Defender, in order to allow General Skywalker to ram the empty vessel against a Separatist control ship. This plan required that Ahsoka take charge. The Commander was worried about her role, but devised a plan to angle the Resolute in a manner that would act as a screen, allowing fighters to launch. After General Skywalker rammed the Separatist ship, the Separatist Commander retreated. Ahsoka lead fighters and bombers against the remaining Separatist vessels, successfully destroying them. After the battle, Ahsoka sent Captain Rex, and a shuttle to retrieve Anakin Skywalker.