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Advanced Recon Force troopers, also known as ARF troopers, were special clones inside of the Grand Army of the Republic. They were trained in extra recon and often served as scouts. They often rode All Terrain Recon Transports as vehicles.


ARF troopers carried out special missions, including reconnaissance, spy and scout missions. They scouted enemy positions on the battlefield, and were trained in stealth. Their missions were usually to gather information about enemy units. Before AT-RT drivers were introduced, All Terrain Recon Transports were driven by ARF troopers, who trained with live animals first.

Armor and Equipment[]

ARF troopers first wore Phase I armor with a specialized helmet. The visor of these helmets could see in infrared, meaning ARF troopers could still carry out missions in complete darkness.

When Phase II armor was introduced, ARF troopers wore the stronger, lighter, and more flexible Phase II armor. Their helmets also had a slight difference. The tubes on the side of their helmet were replaced with plating and the left side of their helmets featured a comlink antenna for better communications. These Phase II helmets bear a very close resemblance to clone scout troopers and AT-RT drivers.