Advanced Recon Commando sergeant
Advanced Recon Commando sergeant


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Advanced Recon Commando sergeant, or ARC trooper sergeant, was a rank held by at least one clone trooper in the GAR during the Clone Wars.


During the Clone Wars, the rank Advanced Recon Commando sergeant was used by at least one clone trooper, Null-12, or "A'den Skirata". A'den was one of the first clone troopers created and became an ARC trooper with the rank of sergeant because he did not want to be an Officer and preferred to remain an NCO. Serving the GAR and his adopted father Kal Skirata, he made a living during and after the Clone Wars.

Armor and EquipmentEdit

ARC trooper sergeants wore regular Phase II ARC trooper armor, but with green markings. N-11 also wore a black kama and a rangefinder. In the video game Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, extra armor was included, along with a kama, pauldron, ammo pouch, and rangefinder. They also used weapons such as Z-6 Rotary Cannons.


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