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ARC troopers on Kamino

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Advanced Recon Commandos, or ARC troopers, were variants of clone troopers that were the elite troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic. ARC troopers usually were sent to accomplish missions that other clone troopers could not do because they were much more skilled. They served as apart of the Special Operations Brigade during the Clone Wars.[1]

Armor and Equipment[]

ARC troopers had armor like regular troopers, but it had many attachments on it. Phase I ARC trooper armor had a kama and pauldron on it with rangefinders and hidden weapons in it. Phase I armor was experimental,[2] but was used on all troopers when Phase II came out.[3]

Phase II was very similar to Phase I armor, but some differences were that it had more chest plates on the pauldron, a shorter antenna crest was used, and a life support unit was on the back.[3]


  • Generals wore black armor
  • Commanders wore yellow armor
  • Captains wore red armor
  • Lieutenants wore blue armor
  • Sergeants wore green armor
  • Corporals wore regular armor and customized their equipment.
  • Regular Advanced Recon Commandos wore regular armor. Some of them would customize their armor.

About Ranks[]

  • ARC trooper commanders were ARC troopers that were specially trained by Alpha-17 to be better troopers and be more independent, creative, and aggressive.
  • ARC trooper captains wore red-striped armor and led the lower ARC ranks into battle. They were the next highest ARCs in the rank system.
  • ARC trooper lieutenants wore blue-striped armor and were the most common ARC troopers in the Grand Army of the Republic.
  • ARC trooper sergeants wore green-striped armor; the only one known was Null-class ARC trooper A'den.

ARC trooper variants[]

  • ARC heavy gunners used weapons that caused more damage than the usual DC-15A blaster rifle and DC-15S blaster.
  • ARC trooper pilots are Advanced Recon Commandos that are pilots; they either protect ARCs or shuttle them places.
Advanced Recon Commando
ARC trooper ranks
ARC trooper commander - ARC trooper captain - ARC trooper lieutenant -
ARC trooper sergeant - ARC trooper general
ARC trooper variants
ARC trooper heavy gunner - ARC trooper pilot
ARC trooper armor
ARC trooper armor



The Null-class ARC troopers were the first batch of Jango Fett clones that were bred. Out of the original batch of twelve, only six survived. However, the six who survived endured a great deal of training and subsequent trauma, operating far more independently than the Kaminoans intended. The six Nulls were scheduled to be executed by the Kaminoans, however, due to Kal Skirata, their future father figure, the Nulls were protected, with Fett siding with Skirata.[1] Because of Skirata, all six got names, as did the ones who did not survive, all named in Mando'a warriors: Ordo, Mereel, Jaing, Prudii, Kom'rk, and A'den.[1][4] By the formation of the Grand Army of the Republic, the Nulls became known as Skirata's private army. The Nulls and Skirata were reluctant in tolerating the Republic, but did what was needed, especially if it suited their needs.[1] They all served in the Special Operations Brigade as well as through the Clone Intelligence unit. Throughout the Clone Wars, the Nulls were crucial in espionage and sabotage operations, including the destruction of droid facilities, hunting Separatist terrorists on Coruscant, and locating Separatist General Grievous on the planet of Utapau.[1][5][6] All six troopers deserted from the Republic at the commissioning of Order 66, joining Skirata and their clan in deserting to Mandalore.[6]


The Alpha-class ARCs were developed immediately after the failure of the Nulls in the eyes of the Kaminoans. However, before and after the First Battle of Geonosis, the Kaminoans kept the Alphas a close guarded secret, until the Battle of Kamino, four months ABG. The lessons the Nulls were taught assisted the Alphas more than them.[7]Alpha-17 and two other ARCs were deployed during the Battle of Kamino, as they needed reinforcements. The other ARCs were gunned downed by Droidekas almost instantly after the being deployed. However, with Alpha-17's assistance, the Republic were able to take Kamino back.[7] Alpha's 26, 30 and 66 were all deployed throughout the war, each of them surviving throughout it; Maze (A-26) was primarily stationed on Coruscant during the war, as an assistant for the Special Operations Brigade.[1] Sull (A-30) was deployed to Gaftikar, but was soon after reported MIA. However, it was discovered shortly thereafter, he had deserted and was discovered by Omega Squad and Clone Intelligence. However, A'den called a friend, Nyreen Vollen and took Sull to Mandalore.[4] Muzzle (A-66) was deployed during the war, and eventually left the GAR, via desertion or offered retirement. He formed his own mercenary group, by the name of Aurodium Sword.[8]


The Rail-class ARC troopers were developed after the Clone Wars, in 19 BBY, as the Kaminoans response in attempting a coup against the Empire. They trained Anti troopers and Rail-class ARCs to fight against the Empire and their forces. The Rail-class possessed the normal weapons of ARCs, including the kama and pauldron. Eventually, in 12 BBY, the Empire found out, which resulted in them deploying Stormtroopers to the planet. The Rails fought the Stormtroopers until the bounty hunter Boba Fett returned to his homeworld, by contract, and assisted the Empire in wiping them out.[9]

Known ARC Troopers[]


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