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Advance Squad
Advance Squad


Jedi General Luminara Unduli
Jedi Commander Barriss Offee
Unidentified ARC Commander

Notable members:

Unidentified ARC Captain


Clone troopers


DC-15A blaster rifles
DC-17 hand blasters

Notable battles:



Clone Wars

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Advance Squad was a clone trooper squad that served in the Grand Army of the Republic. The unit was deployed to the Battle of Nadiem.


Advance Squad was first deployed to the planet of Nadiem, where they were to evacuate refugees away from the planet, as there was a coming battle with the Separatists. While Jedi General Lumiara Unduli and Jedi Commander Barriss Offee led the evacuation in the town, Advance Squad was out in an outlying settlement, where they rescued a few stragglers. However, they were ill, which required Offee to come and pick them up, rescuing them from the coming Separatist threat.[1]

Once the Separatist came and attacked, the Advance Squad set up an ambush with Offee. They set up the ambush, which entailed them playing dead. Once the Separatists walked past them, the troopers snuck around and planted charges in their escape route. Following that, they hid on a hill, in sniping positions.[1]

With their ambush, they thwarted the Separatist attack, destroying several droids, finishing them off eventually.[1] Several Jedi died in the battle, despite this.[2]


  • Unidentified Advanced Recon Commando captain
  • Unidentified clone trooper 1
  • Unidentified clone trooper 2
  • Unidentified clone trooper 3
  • Unidentified clone trooper 4
  • Unidentified clone trooper 5
  • Unidentified clone trooper 6

Armor and Equipment[]

The members of Advance Squad possessed Phase I clone trooper armor, as well as Advanced Recon Commando armor, which was colored red for the rank of Captain. The troopers also possessed DC-15A blaster rifles and DC-17 hand blasters. They also possessed several explosives, including detonator charges.[1]


21 BBY
Battle of Nadiem


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